Friday, December 06, 2019

Clay County Tax Strike Coming Soon?!?!

The pricey Keurig debate continues among the middle-class Northland crew as their ongoing grudge match betwixt c-list local politicos intensifies . . . The latest:

Some residents upset with Clay County Commission float 'tax boycott'

Some people in Clay County are not happy with the way they say the county commission is spending their money. Some have started a push to protest the commission by not paying their property taxes."You see the lunacy going on," said Jim Rice, a Clay County taxpayer.


Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Based on greed and stupidity, Clay county government will eventually fail.

Anonymous said...

At this rate I truly wonder if we won't see a commish or two in cuffs.

Anonymous said...

A brief history -
Stolen commish election, August 2000.
Developer elected. Star reporting.
Developer arson fires, 2003. Star reporting.
Mike Sanders declines to prosecute Schutte Lumber influential perpetrators, 2004. Star reporting.
Current Eastern Commish runs against developer, 2012.
Developer declines to run. Star reporting.
Residential subdivisions still need TIF.
Developer starts Nolte commish campaign with $5,000 contribution.
Nolte makes and fakes every chance to disrupt meetings and try to discredit two of the finest Commissioners Clay County has had.

Anonymous said...


Luanne, your comments are wearing thin.
Resign, Bitch!
Oh, and by the way, your self-serving postings here attacking Nolte are the ONLY THING ABOUT YOUR THAT IS THIN!

Retro ROCKER said...

Clay County PAY your taxes. You can get back at the County by not Doing Business with the Companies That are getting Corporate Welfare from the county. And you will save Thousands not doing Business with them. Same with your Federal Taxes. Don't do Business with Companies That are receiving Corporate Welfare OR There Lobby The City as well. You will save thousands and The Businesses will lose a little But they have Millions.