Monday, December 09, 2019

Bike/Walk KC: Cycling Saves The Planet?!?!

Good news from our activist friends . . . Turnout support for their agenda NOT ONLY helps their consulting biz BUT ALSO provides only way to rescue humanity. Checkit:

Policy Brief #2: Where the Environment and Transportation Intersect

As long as coal remains one of the largest sources for electricity generation, switching to electric cars simply will not be enough. There are a number of reasons why we advocate for better walking, biking, and transit in Kansas City, and one of those reasons is because such forms of transportation are exponentially better for the environment.


Anonymous said...

Bike/Walk KC

They would do well in China

Anonymous said...

Hey Bike KC! Stop screwing up our traffic!

Anonymous said...

If Bike/WalkKC is going to be the main advocate for 'greener' modes of transportation then all of their employees, including councilman Eric 'Spandex' Bunch, must give up all of their modes of transportation except for walking and biking.

slow the fuck down said...

unaffordable health care premiums will put the average fat ass in a financial bind. Car ownership will be unaffordable. Diabetics cost all of us money. Bike lanes are part of the answer .

Anonymous said...

riding a bike is good for air quality in a city but I can't pretend that my bike is like a carbon-free thing. it was manufactured using a ton of energy to make the steel or aluminum tubes, the components, etc. and all of it sourced from components brought in by trucks likely, those components themselves taking a ton of energy to manufacture. once the bike is made though then, yeah, it's a pretty environmentally friendly thing I suppose. in my opinion, cycling is great for fitness, getting around, eco, etc. but it's a value neutral thing.I'm not a hero or a villain just bc i'm on a bike, man! thanks, radish