Our blog community denizens are concerned with the local impact of this national drama.

Here's the roundup from "many sides" of the debate . . .

Police Accuse Congress

FOP accuses Congress of violating due process 'to score political points' amid impeachment debate

The nation's largest police organization on Tuesday accused Congress of violating the due process rights of American citizens "to score political points," as Republican leaders claim Democrats are undermining President Trump's rights in its impeachment inquiry.

Partisan Police???

The Fraternal Order of Police's attack on impeachment reads like it was written by Sean Hannity

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), a massive police union that claims over 330,000 members, released a letter earlier this week opposing the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The letter, which denounced vague and unspecified "due process" violations against Trump, reads more like something someone would hear during a prime time Fox News show than the work of an organization that is intimately familiar with law enforcement.

Police Make Easy Political Target For MSM

Fraternal Order Of Police Afraid House Democrats Will Treat Trump Like Unarmed Black Child

It's a truth universally acknowledged that "law and order" conservatives will turn into common ACLU members whenever a white guy is faced with actual accountability. Head White Man in Charge Donald Trump is staring down the barrel of an impeachment inquiry, so it's only natural that the Fraternal Order of Police would publicly defend his constitutional right to shred the Constitution.

Midwestern Police Dedication Despite Impeachment Drama

Alone On The Tarmac With President Donald Trump

When President Donald Trump arrived in Chicago for a speech Monday, only one local official was at O'Hare International Airport to welcome him. It was not the city's mayor or the Illinois governor. It was Kevin Graham, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7, a union that represents about 12,000 rank-and-file Chicago officers.

And so . . .

Consider . . .

For the most part the Kansas City FOP remains politically neutral in matters that don't directly concern the po-po. Also, they played a big part in the non-partisan election victory for Mayor Quinton Lucas. HOWEVER, this national debate is certain to FURTHER alienate potential progressive allies and those who are already critical of law enforcement.

Developing . . .


  1. Not sure if it's possible to "further" alienate a community that's already distrustful of police and doesn't talk even talk to them when people are killed. Sad all around. Hope this doesn't make the local violence even worse around KC.

  2. White folks will do anything, including selling their souls to the devil, in order to support the criminal great white hope president. When all white people are in charge of anything, expect everything to be just a big mess. The whole country is screwed up.

  3. ^^^^^^^said Lucifer's Party that VOTED G-D OUT of their platform....Keep watching the CLINTON CRIME NETWORK for all your Viewing Pleasure or any of the other UN ONE WORLD ORDER News Networks.Yours is FREE to Choose.

  4. 9.00 as opposed to the black country who is completely successful? You’re delusional, fucking retard.

  5. Trump supported the police after Barry hung them out to dry, damn right the police are backing him. Barry put their lives in danger spreading lies about them and did it on purpose too.

  6. FREE Your MIND @9:00 PM It's NOT ABOUT the COLOR of YOUR SKIN. It's about AMERICA and being an AMERICAN. A Sovereign Nation! NOT a Citizen of the WORLD! Being able to Persue Happiness, Not be handed Happiness for a VOTE! WAKE UP BROTHER. The Democrats are LYING to YOU!

  7. It makes sense that the police union is moving to the right. Their members were trashed by the Democratic Party in the last presidential race and at Bernie has already begun the same narrative. Beto dropped out today behind a ridiculous claim that America’s officers would be seizing law abiding citizen’s guns, although there wasn’t a chance that officers would actually do it. The far left can’t carry the party to victory in 2020, but the centrist Dems won’t stand up for middle America.

    I can’t imagine that the global economic views of the current Dems will be favored by members of labor unions so another recipe for disaster is in the works for the national party.

  8. Horseshit, Trump did a "Pump And Dump" on the FOP.

  9. 9:00 Zimbabwe, South Africa, Detroit, St. Louis. Philly, Brirmingham, all places whites used to run, that are now doing so well.


    There are NO places on earth where Blacks run the show, where the trains run on time and violence is not rampant.

  10. ^^^^^ Trains run on time? That was the selling point for Mussolini and his own people beat the shit out that bastard's corpse.

    Law and order are good thing to support but not tyranny and the obstruction of justice.

    I support the KC police and I also support the Constitution of the United States of America.

  11. you don't support the Bill of Rights and you know very little about the US Constitution.

    1. ^^^ Wrong Trumper. You support a President who is misusing executive action the same way that Obama did. You support your dumb politics, MEANWHILE only people who value LIBERTY are willing to call out both sides. Give up the MAGA crap, it's a trick used on IGNORANT PEOPLE.

      Smarten up, wake up. Stop believing the stupid talk shows. Any of them. They're all lying.

    2. Not that guy you're responding to but Holy shit you're autistic. That dude didn't even mention trump and you did. Just because someone trashes the shit show we call the democratic party doesn't mean they like trump.

      That's fucking sad and obsessed

  12. The Democrats have a big problem. Most people don't read or Listen to the Main stream media .They are listening or reading TO Independent news sources with great investigative reports. Whence Ninety Million voters Get there news from alternative outlets. And the President has sixty million twitter Followers. The Democrats don't have a chance. And SHIFT and Crazy Nancy you can tell they are corrupt. And What about Cleaver. He Should come home and Fix His District. Or it will wind up like SAN FRANCISCO .

  13. New unemployment numbers released today. Black and Hispanic unemployment has never, I repeat historically has never been this low.
    People wake up they all hate Trump, he is one of us, as close as we will ever get. Back him because neither party will ever let it happen again.

  14. I voted for Obama but regretted it after seeing how he couldn't get the economy humming again and seemed more focused on unisex bathrooms and putting down the police. Trump has his faults but he believes in growing jobs, strong borders, a strong military, low taxes, rights of the unborn (without going to extreme) and a lot of other common sense things that a lot of Americans agree with. Hillary got a subpoena and then started destroying electronic devices and her private server, and deleting more than 30,000 emails. That all sounds horrible and reeks of guilt to most level-headed people.


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