Friday, November 15, 2019

USDA Honcho Talks Controversial Taxpayer Subsidized Move To Kansas City

A worthwhile one-on-one conversation offers decision maker perspective on picking up more Kansas City taxpayer cash. Checkit:

Perdue defends, celebrates USDA agency moves to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) -- U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says he has "absolutely zero regrets" over the decision to move two research agencies' headquarters from Washington, D.C., to Kansas City. Perdue joined government leaders from Kansas and Missouri Friday to tour the new headquarters for the Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture.


Anonymous said...

Why did Perdue and Trump run a swampy extortion racket to move these jobs?

Port KC shouldn't have paid these con-artists a dime.

Soaking the Midwest taxpayers again is not a winning move.

Anonymous said...

KC should up their subsiidies.

1. Raise earnings tax to 2% and give $1 million to each employee
2. Rename Paseo to USDA Blvd
3. Rename City Hall USDA Hall
4. Condemn the KC Star building- eminent domain- give it to family members of USDA FOLKS
5. Name the airport KC USDA AIRPORT

While not enough... it’s a good start.