UMKC Life Lesson: Kangaroo Guide To Ruining Thanksgiving With 'Woke' Activism

Actually, this student news missive offers an impressive consideration of politics and personal relationships that must be considered when making political points with/to/around family members . . . Read more:

Opinion: Does being an ally mean calling out your family at this holiday season?

Darius Stewart and Ciara Pate The holiday season wouldn't be complete without having to endure a sexist joke from your uncle or a racist remark from your grandma at family dinner. Even for those who are allies, it is often difficult to decide what to do when someone you're close to makes such discriminatory remarks.


  1. Yeah lets go back to the indigenous ways. Share a cob of corn than all dig a hole to shit in and use the cob to clean up. Happy Indiangiving Day.

  2. OR - these kids could just keep their mouths shut and be grateful that their Family still lets them free-ride a bit longer.

    Sort of like the first poster would if he were in a room with a Native American instead of Mommy's basement.

  3. Already obsolete wokester rhetoric. Get the fuck over yourself, snowflake.

  4. This is why none of you geriatric fucktards will be leaving the rest home this Thanksgiving. Your families hate you!

    1. Chimpy, I know the holidays are hard for monkeys. Don't take it out on humans! Lol

  5. 9:34 AM, Mama's boy, you should appreciate your geriatric mother letting you live in the basement. She is the only that would put up with a diaper wearing keyboard warrior, even though she hates you.
    BTW, everyone hates you!


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