Cruel reality confronts Kansas City public schools this morning regarding the myth of their progress . . .

The roundup:

"Seven Kansas City Public School district employees falsified student attendance records for three years from 2013 to 2016, according to a summary of an external investigation made public by the district. The issue was most prominent in the 2015-2016 school year, boosting attendance data which resulted in additional state funding. The altered student records bumped KCPS’s attendance rate to over 80% in the 2015-2016 school year. While this is still below the state standard of 90%, it gave the district “significant breaks in the scoring system,” according to a KCPS press release."

Translation . . .


This revelation doesn't come by way of "journalism" or investigation but merely a state report and internal investigation that shared just a hint of what our readers suspected all along: The gains touted by KCPS and dutifully reported by most local media are nothing more than hype. Moreover, anyone familiar with the institution realizes that test scores and real life institutional improvement has been elusive.

Meanwhile, Mayor Q doesn't see the big deal:

"I've been very proud of the progress made at Kansas City Public Schools under the leadership of Dr. Mark Bedell and will continue to be. It's disappointing to hear how bad actors from years past have negatively impacted our students and community. I appreciate the swift corrective action taken by current leadership. I and I know our city will stand with Dr. Bedell & our many educators & professionals who work hard each day to build the best educational opportunities for our children."

Another translation . . . The FAIL of local politicos to hold KCPS accountable or do anything but play cheerleader is one of the biggest problems confronting the district and their ongoing inability to meet VERY LOW state standards.

Even better . . . One of the very best TKC readers responds to Mayor Q:

"One should either stay out of the way and blame the school board, or use the bully pulpit big time and transform the way KCMO runs its schools.

"But he hasn't learned from 30 supers in how many years???"

Accordingly . . .

Here's the litany of Kansas City news confirmation:

KCUR: Kansas City Public Schools Employees Falsified Attendance Data From 2013 To 2016

Fox4: KCPS responds to allegations of falsifying student attendance records for 3 years

KSHB: "We apologize to the state, the city of Kansas City, our teachers and our staff members of the district, and most importantly to our children and families who depend on us. We believe the District has been on a much stronger path forward the past three years. The appropriate safeguards are now in place, and our children are in good hands," Board of Education Chairperson Pattie Mansur said in a statement.

KMBC: KCPS -- Attendance data falsified for 3 years to improve accreditation scores

KCTV5: An investigation has found that Kansas City Public Schools falsified attendance data and will be forced to repay money to the state.

You decide . . .


  1. You worry to much.

    At the end of this school year they'll have a party and tell the news that accreditation is just around the corner! It will be fun.

    1. Knowing how to cheat is a vital skill for any student. Just look at today's business and political world. The tough part is not getting caught and avoiding any consequences.

      The "proactive" press release is a good lesson for students. Always helps to get ahead of the story.

    2. ^^^ Too cyncial. KCPS did the right thing by admitting their mistake.

  2. ^^^ that’s funny and true! Hahahahaha!

    But this isnt new news by any stretch of the imagination, they’ve been doing this since the seventies because the more kids reported as in school and the more kids they report as graduated the more federal and state money they get. As usual being good liars pays you shit loads of money.

  3. Here's what you should REALLY be blogging Tk:

    Not it's finally time to disband KCPS and replace with charter schools. They can't be trusted and so many years of provisional accreditation without any progress but lies prove they're incapable of creating any real change.

    The schools failed. Time to start over.

  4. Were the employees fired?

  5. I blame Manny Abarca!

  6. The positive is, their lying and dishonesty about attendance deflected attention from the fact that most KCPS students remain illiterate through graduation. The worst school district ever. Quinton is a liar.

  7. I told you on this blog several years ago they were falsifying attendance. The DISTRICT will never be ACCREDIATED legally because they cannot get 90% of their students to school and in class (0% of the time. Any data reflecting differently is FALSYFIED. Signed one of 10 people currently with a lawsuit against KCPS for discrimination.

  8. Also, 3 directors were fired and 4 are on paid leave. The issue is deeper than that. All Principals and Attendance Secretaries were in on the scheme. They should be gone as well.

  9. This has been going on for the last 50 years.


  11. ^^Ugh huh. Time for a diaper change grampy. You're beginning to stink.

    1. Oh Chimpy. Your monkey ass smells to high heaven! Lol

  12. "The worst school district ever." Actually, it's tied for last place with inner city DC schools, Baltimore schools, St. Louis schools, etc. Gosh, I wonder what those districts all have in common?

  13. When they're absent they don't learn. When they're present they don't learn either. So attendance is a meaningless criterion.

  14. I kind of thought Lucas was blind and stupid but this proves it no doubt.
    "I've been very proud of the progress made at Kansas City Public Schools under the leadership of Dr. Mark Bedell and will continue to be. I and I know our city will stand with Dr. Bedell & our many educators & professionals who work hard each day to build the best educational opportunities for our children."

    Does this clown have a clue at all? Man you all thought James was bad, I think you have no clue what bad is about to be.

  15. I worked for the KC School District for 1 1/2 years way, way back in the day as a substitute.

    In my opinion, it is a Teacher's Union problem. About half of the teachers I encountered there, were unable to form sentences and certainly in no way qualified under any circumstances to house train their pets.

    No doubt, this problem has become far worse, as our "Woke" emphasizes the "Grievance" culture over the ability to read and accomplish simple math problems.

    At one point, I substituted for a lady who was out 4 months for a pregnancy. There were 32 black kids in there (4th Grade) and after a couple of days with no supervision and instructions with lesson plans that needed interpretation by Jean Antoine Letronne, I tossed everything in the closet and made the kids go to the board, RELENTLESSLY. Very few, if any, of those kids could read, write or do any math. Every single day, I tortured the little bastards, cue cards, rote repetition, row by row and then again and again.

    31 out of 32 kids, could read, really well at a 4 to 6th grade level.

    All, ALL of my kids could add, subtract, multiply and do long division.

    Every one, but this little kid in the 6th row, who was obviously touched, could run like the wind through anything I threw at them.

    They didn't like me much, who gives a fuck?

    It is not the kids, it is the parents and the teachers. You catch them when they are young, you fix every inner city in the nation.

  16. Schools may suck and there may be more murders per capita here than third world countries, an airport money pit, a 200 percent property tax increase, BUT WE GOT A TENANT'S BILL OF RIGHTS


    (_oo /
    \ |
    / L

  17. Does KCMO do anything right? Other than attract more clueless hipsters into the corrupt system?

  18. I've heard that from some other teachers as well Chuck but I also hear that they try but that the kids come back and say my mom or my grandma or who ever they live with telling them they didn't have to do what the teacher said if they don't want to.

    So how do you compete with that? How do you stay motivated against counter productive actions as that?

    But far back as I can remember KSPS system has been a cluster fuck of bad leadership.

  19. 10:19 Dave, good points. It probably wouldn't work now, I honestly don't know. They were 9 years old and I intimidated them by letting them know how fuckin evil the world was and if they left without any, ANY education, they would be chopped up in a metaphorical meat grinder. I yelled, cajoled, insulted, complimented, praised, but mostly, I never, never got off of their fuckin asses. ROW ONE!!!! GO TO THE BOARD!!!

    Seriously, it ain't the kids, it's the Teachers, the Teacher's Union and the Parents who are too fuckin lazy to invest, to care, to commit to a cause that, as they teach you in college, "Affects Infinity".

    Now it is easier to get a degree in "Hating Whitey" and "Victimization" and pass it on (How tough could the tests be?) than it is to actually assess, in real time, at the end of a week, month, year, if the kids can actually read and write.

    Trust me, they can, they really can.

  20. Mayor Q. seems to say all the right things, but I don't think he has much substance. Although I do think he has passion for local gun control. Otherwise, he is very moderate and maybe just a place saver until the next candidate comes along with a more ambitious agenda.

  21. One more time before I leave for work.

    My guess, my bet, is that 90% of the kids in the KC School District, if you catch them before the 5th grade, are fixable and in fact, can go and do anything any other American can do with the right guidance and education.

    It is NOT gonna happen, because of the Progressive insanity that permeates our culture.

  22. The parents should be held more accountable for their child's truancy. A child who is always missing a day or two is not only disrupting their education but every other student in the class whose parents get them there on time. Every time the teacher has to give extra help to the absent child it is taking away from instruction time for everyone else. No wonder they can't read and speak well. Doomed !

  23. A new teacher out of college earns their “seniority” at the ghetto school. Once they have three years of “experience” , about the time they gain some teaching skills, they transfer to a school where the kids are well behaved and life is easier.
    Teacher union won’t allow extra pay for hazardous duty. Therefore, these kids get inexperienced teachers.

  24. Stop voting for losers on the school board!

  25. If you remember they falsified at UMKC too, so whats the big deal? Schools need the money!

  26. Wonder what the race is of the naughty truants and their adult handlers?

  27. KCFD cooks the books on Cardiac arrest saves, response times and other life saving statistics. KCMO city government is EVERYTHING CRIMINAL!! Along with EMS, schools are not their priority, politics over rule reality in this shit town, and the tax payers are the ones that end up suffering. Its nothing new in Kansas City Missouri!

  28. Who cares about the kids not showing up...the only important stat is whether those that show up have actually learned anything...according to test results that's a yes LCD sucks and it's child abuse to send white kids there.

  29. Fake attendance figures from the KCPS lines up with the fake tourist numbers from KCMO city hall.

  30. Maybe the District should ask Jermaine Reed to get involved. Have Sly James appoint a committee to investigate the allegations of fraud. I believe Reed would be the perfect leader here as he has an MBA from UMKC.

  31. No sane parent would send their kid to KC Public Schools no matter the hype. I am forever scarred by my experience there. I cant see how anyone wouldnt want to work harder to give their kid a leg up.

  32. Fraud abounds11/20/19, 3:41 PM

    KCPS, the Trojan Horse of the Plains

  33. Two more generations; perhaps only one, this is a third world country.

    Thanks progressives, millinnials. It's a good thing this blog is not printed in "longhand", which will soon be considered secret code. Already is in schools. Math is RACISSSS.

    I am not religious, but thank god I had (now extinct) nuns as teachers. Countless hours, per Chuck, at the blackboard, multiplication flip cards, spelling bees, sentence diagramming, ad infinitum.

    Reading books and other materials from the era of our founding fathers impresses upon one the superior education they enjoyed.

    It's a shame that's no longer the case, as this once great country slides towards anarchy and the experiment fails.

  34. Get your nose out of his ass.

  35. Hear that? That umbrella clause went up. Bags are packing. The Scarlet letter sewn. Next. Another reason another season for the search is on at the playground. Been doing this for years. You do the time you run the's the game. Like ABC, in the USA only again in KC. They excel and community awareness is mute. In a vacuum. We're fine, I got to go to work. Look, be all you should be. Who's next. Start from scratch. Crying lying time again.


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