Saturday, November 30, 2019


The Saturday issue is now circling the toilet bowl of history and will disappear in a month.

However, our KICK-ASS READER community offers a highlight and a glimpse at how the dead-tree institution sold out readers on their way to the grave . . .

"So few people read the Star, probably no one has noticed how the paper has embraced the practice of publishing "stories" that seem to be taken 100% from emails lawyers send about lawsuits they are filing. This is considered bad practice by most reputable news outlets, since they're just acting as a mouthpiece-stooge for a law firm. Not only do they publish the suit info, its often carried on the front page (today's issue has two such "stories") and over the fold. How lazy are these people?"

Answer . . .

Our TKC blog community doesn't think they're lazy at all . . . Maybe just distracted whilst looking (online) for better jobs as their work is quickly coming to an end.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

It could be worse. Now that politicans don't even bother to send them any news.

Anonymous said...



Anybody who knows about the Star and a lot of the people who work there might not shed a tear.

They were merciless when they were on top. Now that the tables are turned, they don't make much of a sympathetic figure.

Anonymous said...

Separating the wheat from the chaff and then printing the chaff is a long-time KC Star tradition.
It's gotten much worse since most of the actual reporters and serious editorial writers have left.
But the community won't have to put up with it too much longer.
Resume' writing 101!

Anonymous said...


Hmmm, 54 down - "There was a Farmer, had a dog, and BIM_O was his name-o" Hmmmm…

Anonymous said...

Not any lazier running a blog comprised of links to other 'failing' peoples work and having losers from the community write the commentary.

The Star's parent company might be in the basement but Tony never left his.

Hasbeen meet neverwas?

You decide. Developing.

Anonymous said...

^^^Tony never claimed to be anything but a basement blog.
On the other hand, the Star, who has been the only game in town for many years, has managed to flush itself down the toilet.
It had zero local competition. It just turned into shitty and paper editions.

Anonymous said...

Remember when the Star had a supposed reader's rep. Where's Derick "The Dick" Donovan when you need him. Speaking of lazy.

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving KC Star was embarrassing.
Neighborhood kids “paper-shames” several older people who had them on their driveway.
Paper-shaming people who help kill trees isn’t cool.
Yelling at old people who just want to do cross words and read comics is not cool.
Paper-shaming should help the Star go digital and cease paper copies.
All the gas into delivering and the trees... WHERE IS AOC?
Libs can’t have it both ways.
Fearless leaders they had eons ago are to blame... internet was coming, they knew it and weren’t smart enough.

Anonymous said...

Who is Derrick Donavn?
Derrick sonogram is who?
I looked up Dicked Gonagone and found nothing.
Sick And GoneAgain is a rep?
For what... an attendance firm?
Let’s stay on point here.

Anonymous said...

The Red Star has alienated about half of its potential subscriber base for years. It's not a smart business model, but they (like CNN) can't help themselves in trying to stick it to the party they don't like. Look at where it's gotten them -- in the toilet and about to be flushed!

Anonymous said...

Protest January First!
If your neighbors have a paper in their driveway- tell them to go green!
Paper shaming is legal if protests are handled correctly... voice concerns!
Think of all the poor dead trees and the gas delivery people use! Horrible!
Vote No on January 1 by letting your neighbor know they are burning up the earth by subscribing and ask them if the eat red meat!
Cows fart and this pollution is against AOC’s religion!
I read this in the paper cause my neighbor woke up late.

Chester Field said...

Endless liberal bullsh!t kills a newspaper. Who'd a'thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it, it's been going down hill ever since it kicked-out the TV Guide.....