Saturday, November 09, 2019


Let's not bore weekend readers with voodoo economics BUT simply acknowledge that in a market economy the profit motive is the first cause that sets everything else in motion . . . Whilst progressive activists argue that "housing is a human right" . . . There's still a cost and rate of return that MUST be attractive enough to entice people to invest.

Sadly, this is mostly a public housing discussion that ignores the impact on middle-to-working-class families.

Moreover, THE REAL RISK HERE is that many "home providers" might shut down and move elsewhere if this market becomes too hostile with over-regulation.

There's precedent for broke-ass, mostly low-income towns that still don't have affordable housing.

Detroit suffered a massive rent spike this year amid rising costs and far more rent control protections than KCMO.

Sadly, the macro economic data comes far too late for families who need a place to live . . . And, like it or not, the landlords deserve consideration in this discussion. Checkit:

Landlords push back over proposed 'Tenant Bill of Rights'

Renters are proposing a tenant bill of rights in Kansas City. Now, landlords are pushing back.An ordinance being considered by the special committee on housing would protect tenants from discrimination against criminal history, rental history and source of income."We need the ability to make sure the person we put in the property is able to pay so that way we can protect our assets.


Anonymous said...

Too late. Already happening. This is why so many of our local activists live in Overland Park.

Anonymous said...

The renters who want this crock of crap will be singing the blues in a few.

Anonymous said...

Who are the "Landlords" trying to kid - do they think that we believe for a moment they'll pass up those guaranteed Hud Rent Payments? That's the basis for their entire industry.

Shit, if they try to base their incomes on rent payments they can only collect from the people renting their "homes"renters, they'll have to keep their properties in decent shape, and that's not what they got into the business for.

Anonymous said...

Property Owners knew Real Estate was a gamble when they got into the business. They're not worried about rent being paid on time as much as the property value payoff with they dump the shithole.

Anonymous said...

The usual way of doing "business" with KCMO government.
Run around by "activists" and stampeded over the cliff.
What could possibly go wrong?

chuck said...

Landlords forced to rent to anyone who can fog a mirror, will either raise rents dramatically, or, sell out and run to more favorable locations. The disruptions would cost both renters and landlords and leave the city with far, far fewer options for folks looking for a house/apartment.

This is something a fuckin 4th grader could figure out, yet, here we are, debating the issue with people who have bricks for fuckin brains.

Again, this is a result of the degradation of our public education system over the last 3 generations.

Most Americans are stupid.

It just is what it is.

This is Daryl Morey's background, the exec for the Houston Rockets. The guy is a genius.

Morey was born on September 14, 1972 in Baraboo, Wisconsin. He graduated from Highland High School in Medina, Ohio[3] before receiving a bachelor's degree in computer science with an emphasis on statistics from Northwestern University in 1996,[4] as well as an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

LeBron James, whose high school education, no doubt propelled him to his current lofty status as spokesperson for the NBA, said that Morey, after voicing support for the Free Chinese in Hong Kong, wasn't "educated" enough to speak on the matter.

90% of the politicians, sports heroes, movie stars etc. on the National Stage, in the lime light, are dumb as fuckin bricks.

Lemme ask ya this.

If GOD was holding a gun to your head and knew the answer to this question, and was going to pull the trigger if you answered incorrectly, what would be your answer?


Our politicians here locally and nationally, are not quite as bright as LeBron.

Anonymous said...

First of all, you're a racist. Second, why are racist needed to defend property owners? Third, the rental hustle is over.

chuck said...

10:42 = drooling, blood simple, death grinding idiot who thinks everything should be delivered to his house by Jeff Bezos personally and for free.

Anonymous said...

The way their bill is written is unsustainable. I'm all for some oversight but landlords shouldn't be made to rent to people who have 50 evictions or no legit source of income. Tenants KC definitely needs some better examples of people to help. On the clip I saw, one woman had been applied to 50+ apartments and no one wanted her. What's her back story ? The other example, a man who has been evicted numerous times because of his convictions years ago. No one wants to give him a chance. Sounds like a whole lot of people who just don't want to pay anything and have shitty rental histories.

Retro ROCKER said...

This will make things bad for renters. I do think that the Rental property should be inspected,A few times a year .There are some sleazy landlords in the Metro. This will cause a shortage of affordable housing. Even your good landlords will not do business in KANSAS CITY MISSOURI.

Anonymous said...

Rents are cheap in Kansas City. No issue with affordable housing. For the individuals unable to afford rent in Kansas City, please go to another god forsaken hellhole and protest someone else. And get a job...

Anonymous said...

Good to see the white collar Klan out in numbers today on such a hotly contested issue of screwing over the public. Nothing has changed since the railroad barons owned all the rental property.

Anonymous said...

When deadbeats dictate how successful people can control their wealth and property. Socialism of scum bags.

Anonymous said...

Rents are cheap in Kansas City. No issue with affordable housing.

LMAO and where is this?

Anonymous said...

Extracting rent for profit from working people is immoral. It's another payday loan scheme.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who rents, that pays a rent amount that is more than a mortgage payment is a true fucking moron!! When you rent it means your credit sucks and you cant get approved for a home loan. However it could be that you rent because you dont want to build equity or be responsible for the property you live in aka home improvements, up grades etc, but here is the thing - your landlord doesnt either! he is making bank off your dumbasses, and at the end of the day you are paying for a mortgage payment and building equity in your landlords property and he laughs at your asses all the way to da bank!!! Might be time to get off the tit and grow the fuck up!!