TKC Question: Appropriate To Toast After KCK Mass Shooting Massacre?!?!

More reporting on the reopening of a local pub that suffered a horrific tragedy . . . Life goes on but we're asking our blog community IF they'd go back to a place after such a shocking loss of life. Take a look and tell us what you think . . . Checkit:

As Tequila KC reopens after deadly shooting, owner says he's added security

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The KCK bar that was the site of the shooting that killed four men and left five others injured has added more security. Tequila KC Bar reopened late last month after the shooting, which occurred at about 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 6, closed its doors for several weeks.


  1. Sure he will for one or two weeks till he sees that money leaving his pocket and it will be back to business as usual.

  2. ^^Shutup ass hat, how many bars have actual security? This happened for a very specific reason that had little to do with the bar itself. The issue is keeping these thugs off the street in the first place, and that is where Gov't failed.

  3. ^^WTF dude appears you have anger issues. 11:36 makes a good point and this bar is no squeaky clean place either, it's had issues that never makes the news. A lot of bars have weekend security. Sober up sometime and maybe you'll notice such.

    1. Not good. Hard laborers blowing steam after work. Very bad . More to come. At least the owner is making money, that's really all he cares about.

  4. A business that pays reny, property and sales taxes is better than a haunted empty store front.

  5. Maybe I missed this but gotta ask: Were both perpetrators legal citizens?

  6. I will guess that another shooting will sadly take place there. These things repeat themselves. Does he really thing his patrons are going to leave their pistols in the cars in the parking lot? To be stolen? There is no good answer. Except NOT to go there if you want to live.

  7. been there. about 10% of everyone going in there has a gun. They are not all bad peoples either. But 10%

  8. Seriously: a life insurance agent needs to get into that bar and sell basic funeral policys. Life insurance is very important anyway, but it also keeps people from delaying funerals for months while setting up GoFundMe pages to collect for burials. Everyone should have a basic policy. If you die then your loved ones don't have to worry or hassle about the funeral. Its covered. I have a basic policy. I also donate to GoFundMe pages. Its sad that $$$ comes into play when someone dies.

  9. Well I have gone there before. I carry a Glock 19 in there. I am not going to be a sitting duck No way Jose.


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