Our blog community covered the response from "Home Providers" otherwise known as landlords to this rent revolution . . . Today, KC activists showed up in full force at City Hall.

There was some sketpicism about the legislation from committee but the activists were mostly welcomed . . .

The response from KC Tentants today responding to criticism that their efforts would endanger public safety:

LANDLORDS SAY: "Guess you are a lowly tenant that wants everything free."

LANDLORDS SAY: "Buy a house and you don't have to worry about it."

LANDLORDS SAY: "Great lets reward bad behavior. Everyone is a victim I guess."

This is not a drill. The opposition is organizing against our KC Tenants Bill of Rights. They are doing so how we might expect: By spreading lies and nastiness. They think their profits matter more than our lives . . . Somehow these people still get meetings with Councilmembers, and some Councilmembers still take them seriously. (We know why: landlords have money.)

Even their substantive arguments are wrong. Landlords are basing their arguments on an outdated summary, not what was introduced to Council last week.

Don't expect this ordinance to go through right away . . . Clearly council is getting pressure from property owners.

Meanwhile, we thank citizen media and protesters for sharing their side of the story again.

Developing . . .


  1. Wow, look at those people peacefully disrupting the meeting. Cardarella will be all over them!

  2. The City likes this because they just want another money making racket to legally exploit property owners. It has nothing to do with actually helping people.

    Healthy Homes is another racket while we are on the subject.

  3. Free Shit Army assemble!

  4. This is the dumbest idea ever and will only raise rents even higher.

    One of the rules is "You cannot discriminate on someone due to past rental history"

    So Reggie can have rented at 5 different places and skipped out on rent and broke the lease on ALL of them but you're forced to rent to him. This needs to be shot down immediately

  5. Yes we can all count on our dubious City Council.

    Uh huh

  6. I suppose you should expect these KC Tenants will freak out and go ballistic if they've been turned away for a more reliable qualified tenant with a solid rental history.

  7. No way I'll rent to any of these bitchy disrespectful morons.

  8. Why can't Tara's well to do physician parents step in and say.. Okay come on you can stay in our basement with Tara. Everything is free and on us.

  9. Tara's very good at manipulating desperate or otherwise clueless people into doing her dirty work so she can advance her social media career. She should run for local government she'll fit right in with the club for that matter.

  10. If I were a landlord I would get all of my spaces vacant, board them up tight and not rent to anyone until the city council comes to it senses. This is a bad deal all around and we are in for a big down turn in spaces available. I wouldn't rent for less than $2000 a month, first and last month up front with another month as a damage deposit. I would at least mandate no pets, no smoking, no police calls to the property, no parties, no guns on the property, no junk cars or cars with expired tags or expired temporary tags and no live in people not on the list, even for one night. Also proof of renters insurance unless they start a fire or damage an appliance. Also monthly inspections and $100 a day on late rent.

  11. As a rental property owner who tries to keep rent affordable, I definitely support the idea of tenants having more access to arbitration and other legal avenues to find amicanle solutions prior to eviction. From what I'm reading about this public testimony, the landlords do not appear organized and are making many questionable statements undermining their overall effort.

    The reality, however, is that if we implement everything that KC Tenants is proposing in this Bill Of Rights, rents are going to go up dramatically. Property owners will buy more insurance for their properties and hire lawyers to go after lost rent rather than eating the loss.

    I just spent the summer helping someone remodel a rental property that was totally decimated by a renter who lived there for 7 years and rarely paid rent full or on time despite it being extremely low. It took many months and nearly $20K just to get the property in selling condition, eliminating any profits that this landlord could have expected to see over the course of seven years.

    That is one less property that will be "affordable" all thanks to an irresponsibility tenant that was given many opportunities.

  12. Let me see if I've got this right.
    I have to rent to you no matter what.
    You don't have to pay rent if you decide not to.
    You have all the rights, I have none.

  13. 7: 55 wins. kinda sucks.

  14. Those people look like they don’t pay their rent on time.

  15. Their outlined plan is a joke. I do agree that there needs to be some protections for them but this plan is unsustainable. The way its written, it allows for a recently prison-released dope dealer with a wad of cash and no credit, to move right in is laughable. You can't force private landlords/property owners to be a houser of those who have chosen to not join the world.

  16. Yep it looks like people who cant pay rent


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