Thursday, November 07, 2019


Again, reaching outside of our bubble and offering a glimpse at how the other side thinks along with quite a few impressive old school references. And so, here's an evening reader for our fellow political junkies and a word from a comment fave. 


Chuck: Adam Schiff -- This Time, We Got Prez Trump!!!

During the "Operation Iraqi Freedom" (Or, as I like to call it, "Mission NOT Accomplished"), as American tanks rolled to within 500 yards of the Press Conference where he was speaking, as the sounds of gunfire, bombs and American air cover destroyed the remnants of the Republican Guard and the distressing cacophony of war resounded through the microphones, in use, at that very Press Conference, a guy nicknamed "Baghdad Bob" (Muhammad al Sahhaf) told viewers, that U.S. Soldiers were committing suicide by the thousands and surrendering right outside the city walls.

Baghdad Bob was known to have a tenuous relationship with the truth. We used to laugh at this buffoonery and move on. Not so much anymore.

Our very own Baghdad Bob has dominated the airwaves over the last 3 years, with a relentless assault on the truth, but with far different results.

Adam "Baghdad Bob" Schiff has promised, repeatedly, over those years, to provide irrefutable truth, that is "right in front of your face" of Russian Collusion and Treason by President Trump. He is, as they say in Baseball, O FOR. Keep in mind, that treason is a crime punishable by death. Not to be outdone, just last week, Hillary accused fellow Liberals, Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein of being Russian agents. The assumption here, is that if you are Progressive, you can just say ANYTHING and the Main Stream Media will expect the electorate to believe it. That media, infected with the same Progressive "Resistance" Pathogen, shrieks the same repetitious, syncopated refrain at every opportunity. " TREASON!!!!!"

From the Grrrrrls on "The View" to literally every Newsman/Woman NOT on Fox News, they all, have assured their listeners, thousands of times over the last 3 years, that Trump was a Russian operative and guilty of treason. You can tune in every day to these cable "news" channels and it is like a Catholic High Mass for THE MENTALLY CHALLENGED.

Adam "Baghdad Bob" Schiff, The Monsignor of Mendacity, saying prayers over the Holy Fusion GPS Dossier, assuring his flock that he has the goods this time for sure!

Buying into this narrative, are jejune, gullible people. So, I was thinking, having been in sales, what COULDN'T I sell to the nitwits who not only bought into this story, but STILL, in the face of the undeniable, incontrovertible, unassailable evidence, believe that Trump is a Russian agent?

I betcha I can talk them into helping me and OJ find the "Real Killers".

I betcha I can talk them into giving Bernie Madoff Venture Capital.

I betcha I can talk them into taking Alec Baldwin's parking spot.

I betcha I can talk them into letting Charlie Sheen raise their kids.

I betcha I can talk them into letting their daughters date Joran van der Sloot.

I betcha I can talk them into giving Lin Elliot one more shot.

You get my point. The Schizoaffective Progressives, now certain, after NOT seeing any proof "right in front of your face", who are sure that Adam "Baghdad Bob" Schiff has "got" the President this time..., are sure that we don't need to "Read The Transcript", because interpretations of the transcript, are more important than the actual transcript. We are deep in Baghdad Bob territory here, riding Orange Barrel Acid down the Rabbit Hole.

Further reading from "many sides" of the debate . . .

The Hill: Schiff says GOP must prove relevance for impeachment hearing witnesses

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson says media are being bullied by Rep. Adam Schiff to not name the whistleblower. Actually, his own bosses told him not to do it.

Fox News: Rep. Jordan willing to move to Intel Committee for potential grilling of Adam Schiff under oath

Politico: Trump’s impeachment trial hinges on McConnell and Schumer

The New Yorker: Is Trump Already Winning on Impeachment?

Time: The Impeachment Inquiry Is About More Than Donald Trump — It’s About Who We Are as Americans

538: The 7 Ways Impeachment Could Shape The 2020 Election

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

KC's Baghdad Bob = Visit KC

Anonymous said...

No one in Kansas City would have clue who Baghdad Bob is...

The Democrats have no interest in removing Trump from office with Pence on the bench. Pence is smart enough to win the next election and smart enough to stay out of prison; Trump, not so much so. Time enough for Trump to sit in prison after ending the current 4 year term.

Anonymous said...

Except that the partisan nature of the whole clown show is apparent to anyone paying attention.

Ursula Haverbeck said...

Adam Schiff ? Jew. Russiaphobia ? Jewish Media Narrative. Every American KIA in the Middle East since US involvement began died fighting Israel's enemies. WMD's, Oil, Establishing Democracy, all are deflections of this truth.

Anonymous said...

Wow I never saw anyone throw up a thesaurus before

Anonymous said...

A "fave?" This racist old coot?

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Trump is on record as asking, when it was suggested that he send Mike to last summer's G7 conference, "Mike who?"

Anonymous said...

Trump is a disgrace, and so are his supporters.

Anonymous said...

10:12 is waiting for OJ's call.

Anonymous said...

9:51 just wrote a check to Bernie Madoff.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That’s easy, Kc’s Baghdad bob is gopher boi.

Schiffless is gonna make the dimwits 0-6 in impeachment attempts, and this is only his third year in office. At this rate when President Trump is done with his second term he will have had upwards of twenty impeachment attempts. All because they can’t find anybody worth a damn to challenge him, the dimwit party is pathetic and worthless.

Carambo said...

Okay I may not always agree with Chuck but I have to say that he has a way with words and this post was one of his best. I suspected somewhere behind it all even he knows that he's doing the exact same thing that Baghdad Bob did back during Gulf War 1 & 1/2

Byron Funkhouser said...

Chuck is consistently full of shit.

The investigation so far has shown that there was much more than just one phone call. There was a pattern of behavior by several people over several months all focused on coercing Ukraine to make a public announcement that the Bidens were being investigated.

Trump knows that he would not have won if not for the bump that Comey gave him, when three days before the election, he announced that he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. He was hoping for the same thing from Ukraine. The announcement was the point, not the "investigation".

We had a shadow foreign policy being run by his personal lawyer that was undermining our real diplomats. He was not vetted, he had no security clearances & he wasn't approved by Congress as real Cabinet members are. To make matters much worse, he was a complete idiot.

Trump is a criminal who should have been removed from office after he choose Putin's word over the findings of our intelligence community. He still denies that Russia interfered in our election. He thinks it was Ukraine & that the person being helped was Clinton. At this point, that's not just an opinion, that is willfully stupid.


Liberty KC said...

^^^^ I may not agree with you.

But I will defend your right to have a strong opinion about it.

I think we need to wait for the election for the American people to decide!

Anonymous said...

Byron, your argument is valid concerning the Ukraine over reach, the Republican push back seems to be a justified effort to counter the massive unrelenting liberal attacks since Trumps election. I don't care for Trump personally but plainly see the conservative bullying by the left on all fronts of media, entertainment, etc.. hourly. The Left cheers on the attacks, the rights ignores the President's sins to level the political playing field. Bullshit is on an epic scale, even from your side, whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

I bet the dbag wins 2020 just because people don't know what else to expect and don't trust anybody the really change the country. The dems are way too far left.

Anonymous said...

The exposing Of Bidens association with the Ukraine virtually eliminates him as a candidate, justified or not. The rest of the field is unelectable. Impeachment and or impeachment & removal is the Democrats only chance to gain the Presidency. Sadly individual Republican office holders will have to yield to political pressure at some point as they are most vulnerable in local elections. Democrats hold too much of the power of what hear and see daily.

Anonymous said...

Summary of 1:02 & 1:58 AM.
That's all I got to say about that. Gump night.

Anonymous said...


Somebody making some damn sense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, the name is Dalton

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment on this, but i have to go take a Schiff.

chuck said...

Adam Schiff is a lying, very dangerous agent of the Deep State.

Right after Thanksgiving, we will see some, of the tip of the iceberg that is the corruption in Washington D.C.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The left-wing Communist Democrats, and the Communist News Network (CNN) have been trying to overturn the 2016 Presidential election even before Trump took office. CNN's Fredo Cuomo's brother is the Democrat Governor of New York so their is no fairness or objectivity in CNN's broadcast each morning.

The Democrat congressional leadership and CNN is trying to morbidly spin Joe Biden's Ukrainian corruption into impeaching Trump. The fact is Joe Biden's drug-head, dishonorably discharged from the military son was / is receiving $50,000 a month to sit on the Board of Directors of a Ukraine gas company that was under investigation by the Ukrainian Attorney General for corruption.

Biden used his influence while Obama's Vice-President to have the Ukraine Attorney General removed from office. Those are the facts; and Trump asked the Ukraine President about said facts. The Democrat controlled CIA and FBI turned a blind eye to Biden's foreign corruption. Biden and his son should be in the Federal Penitentary for such acts.

After three full years of FBI investigation and CNN rumor mongering; there was never or currently any Russian collusion with President Trump. However, the fact is Obama and Biden did absolutely nothing to stop Russia from invading eastern Ukraine and taking the strategic seaport of Crimea from the Ukranines.

Another fact is that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party Chairman colluded and rigged the primary election against Bernie Sanders. No FBI or CNN investigation.

Another fact is Hillary Clinton divulged all United States state secrets to the Russians by illegally maintaining a Secretary of State computer server in her home that was hacked by the Russians. Again no FBI or CNN investigation or jailing of Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Schiff reminds me of the actor Larry Millers character of the "schiffty" Dean Phillip Elias in the movie Necessary Roughness. He played a manipulating lying little bastard that tried to come off so sincere. Schiff is the ultimate current day Red scare type politician like Joe McCarthy. When the guy talks he has the look on his face that says, "they are actually believing this bullshit coming out of my mouth again." Surprised his fucking nose doesn't grow right before the camera. In fairness, Trumps nose ought to have wheels and its own secret service team by now. Dalton

Anonymous said...


"Trump knows that he would not have won if not for the bump that Comey gave him, when three days before the election, he announced that he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. He was hoping for the same thing from Ukraine. The announcement was the point, not the "investigation"."

To this day, no one has seen what it on Antohony Weiner's laptop. That is because, Lorretta Lynch was going to sue the NYPD for Eric Garner if they didn't suppress what was on their - Clinton

"Trump is a criminal who should have been removed from office after he choose Putin's word over the findings of our intelligence community."

You mean the same Intelligence agencies that have been trying to frame trump for the last 4 years?

Your the one that is full of shit bryon and stupid to boot.

The NYPD FBI in New York, threatened to expose what was on there, because it was so, so bad. Comey, knowing that he was about to be exposed, HAD to pretend to investigate, while covering for CLnton.

Anonymous said...

While I realize that any implication of disapproval of Donald J. Trump causes every Republican to turn red in the face, puff out his cheeks, flap his hands up and down and start squealing "Hillary!", I am amused that they keep missing the point of the entire "Impeachment" gambit.

DEMOCRATS DON'T WANT TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE! Quite the contrary, they want every 2020 election, from local level up, to be about Donald Trump, and the GOP is playing right into their strategy. Every thinking Republican knows, deep inside, what a distasteful, out-of-control, dishonest and all-around disgraceful person the current occupant of the White House is, and they are aware of how embarrassing to the Republican Party his humiliating failures to accomplish any of his stated Campaign Goals is.

Yet they, and any candidate they putting forward in 2020, have now been placed in the awkward position of having to defend this "man's" four year long series of failures and the accompanying weakening of our Country's long-held position as a World Leader. The much vaunted "Economic Success" of this Administration is showing signs of collapse, especially in the Farming and Manufacturing sectors, and more ominously in the overall decline in Retail Spending (very bad news for a Consumer-driven Economic System).

I understand the embarrassing position you Republicans are in, nobody wants to admit that they have been taken in by a Con Man's slick gimmicks, but the barrage of slogans that you attempt to attack any criticism with are ringing more and more false, and are becoming tattered and shopworn with overuse.

So, now its your turn to tell me how well the Country is doing, to squeal "Hillary" a few times, and heap praise on your Superdooperman, but you and I both know the truth and reality.

Anonymous said...

6:41 there’s a room ready for you at western Missouri mental health, please take all prescribed medicines in the hope that you can get better.

Anonymous said...

6:41, Let me edit that to fit my screen:
Now doesn't that summarize what you said and still leave me time to go to work today?

Anonymous said...

C'mon, the whistleblower's attorney tweeted that 'the coup has started'.

Anonymous said...

coup coup a choo, sorry don't know the rest, you were saying?

Anonymous said...

6:41 - you mention "thinking Republican", unfortunately, there's a large chunk of them in this country that don't fall under that term.

Trump is shady is as fuck, that I'm confident of, though most of it is theoretical in nature. What's not theory, and has been proven out in testimony in the HSPCI, is that Trump withheld military aid for an ally against an enemy (remember Russia, yeah, they are an enemy) until the President of that country came out and spoke into a microphone the words investigation, Biden, and Clinton. This isn't a quid pro quo, it's a fucking shakedown in an attempt to smear the top challenger in the 2020 election. Not one Republican has argued this point. It's all deflect, discredit the witness (because Trump is such an honest Abe, right?), and justify the action (aka move the goal posts). There's no defense for this activity. I don't want either party engaging in this activity.

So, cue up the "what about Obama and Benghazi", "Mueller didn't find shit" and all the other distractions, but at the end of the day, these actions are indefensible and our POTUS did them.

Anonymous said...

8:08 Read the transcript. Your interpretation of what you think Trump was thinking is no more or less relevant than the next guys interpretation.

The "shady" shit you refer to, if we are going to dwell in the realm of "Moral Equivalence" is the Biden efforts to maintain his American tax payer cash flow at the expense of---American tax payers. He is ON VIDEO, insisting that the Ukrainian prosecutor be fired, for investigating a company, where his kid get 80 grand a month, for providing access to his father.

Wake up moron.

Anonymous said...

No @7:11, you almost got it right, try

BTW, I'm not a Democrat, and I think the crap Clinton and Feinstein pulled in 2016 was reprehensible!

However, I think what the Republican Party is having to do now is even funnier than when hey had to deny that Ronnie Reagan dyed his hair and wasn't senile!

Believe me I'd be a staunch Republican if they'd only stop wrecking the Economy very time they get into power.

Eight Republican Presidents in the past 100 years, box score is 3 Depressions, 11 Recessions (so far), and two instances of runaway Inflation! WHOOPEE!

Anonymous said...

8:31 - That isn't a transcript. it's a WH summary, remember, it says it at the top. The transcript is hidden in a secured server. So, I have to go off of witness testimony. Why doesn't Trump release the transcript???? What else you got bro?

Everyone, except you obviously, is aware that Biden and all the European allies wanted the Ukrainian prosecutor removed for his lack of prosecuting corruption. Try again.

You're failing at this.

Anonymous said...

Cuck says that Adam Schiff is an "agent of the deep state". He's actually a duly elected congressman. Maybe you ought to read the Constitution, or better yet, take a 4th grade civics class. What a maroon.

Anonymous said...

9:27 & 9:31 both think Lin Elliot can still kick field goals and that Charlie Sheen should drive the kids to the Chiefs game and buy the drinks.


Anonymous said...

Democrats - Joe Biden has factual foreign corruption on his hands so lets scream; Impeach Trump.

Trumps truecrime in the eyes if the wacko Democrats is that Trump is patriotic, loves tbe United States, believes in capitalism and rewarding those who work and sacrifice; all of the beliefs that the Communist Democrats hate.

Anonymous said...

It's literally a transcript. Here's the dictionary definition to help:

Impeachment is failing hard for the dems and it's funny to watch them pretend like its not. The dems are fucking retarded. I won't be voting for trump but even most non-supporters see how stupid the dems are looking on this.

Anonymous said...

The only person out of all of this that needs to be locked up is Byron.

Anonymous said...

10:48 - try again dumb dumb. It says on the document 'Memorandum of Telephone Conversation'.

It's not the verbatim transcript. Remember, it's stored on a classified server. Like all good and perfect calls.

too fucking easy.

Anonymous said...

President Trump will win re-election in a landslide in 2020. Here, like the loony liberal left's (LLL) heads, the plot thickens. 2024, he desires do so (we need you, Mr. President), he stays right where he is.

He can't do that! It's not allowed! That's not right! It wouldn't be fair!

Hilarious, coming from the LLL (those who never met constitution, a law or any sense of order they ever liked or followed.) President Trump stays put, completes a third term; Beto-speak reversed - we're comin' for YOU, LLL!

When (in between rioting, looting, harassing, beating up those who disagree with them and setting the US on the path of literal civil war) LLL endorses killing the electoral college and increasing Supreme Court numbers to their agenda, and open borders and free free free everything (and nobody needs to work don't want to) it's GAME ON - LLL deserves a taste their own medicine!

Come 2024, President Trump turns over the reigns to President Pence, and in 2028 Pence's Vice President, Donald Trump Jr. takes over and remains in the White House - President the following 50 years.

What's that LLL? You don't like nightmare scenario? Got your attention now?

Reality, this current political 'atmosphere' (you'll find it in your climate change 'the sky is falling', we'll all be dead in 12 years poo poo/socialist manifesto, AOC) that the LLL/media has created persists, we ARE doomed.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck are you taking about? It literally is a transcript. It was created by two to four CIA officials who transcribed the conversation and then typed it out.

Anonymous said...

3:44. Let it go, you made your point. You win the semantics award. Hooray. Hooray. Now you can quit checking back to see if someone takes the bait. Whoop whoop enjoy the rest of day. Oosa.

Anonymous said...

Heh, good game kid. nothing personal

Anonymous said...

8:08, it is the Chief Executive, not the lower house of Congress, nor the NYT or WaPo, and certainly not you, who has near plenary discretion over foreign policy. Unless Congress (both houses) declares war, it is the President and only the President who gets to say who are our enemies and who are our friends.

Notwithstanding, Trump is harder on Russia than Obama ever was (tell Vladimir that I will have more flexibility after the election) and more helpful to Ukraine than Obama (who refused to provide Ukraine with weapons to defend against Russia) ever was.

Anonymous said...

^^^So, what's the point here? Trump held up money appropriated by Congress so he could get Ukraine to smear a campaign opponent with a sound bite. That's fact.

And Russia is not our friend regardless of what the President thinks. With Trump's treatment of NATO and his moves in Syria, he's done more positive things for Russia than any President in recent history.

3:44 - still not a transcript. A transcript doesn't say Memorandum on it. A memo is not a transcript. It ain't fuckin hard man. I know, I know, but Trump says it's a transcript all the time. Trump also lies, a lot. Go look here:
And then, go to Merriam Webster. A transcript is a typed copy of dictated or recorded material. Memorandum is an informal report or message. I can't help you any further here on reading comprehension. You may need some remedial work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mary Ann Web Stir who?