The Kansas City Experience?!?!?

It's "public" TV which means it's far too safe and bland to really offer an accurate portrayal of this town but we invite a review from our curmudgeonly collection of readers . . .

The premise and link . . .

"This episode of Kansas City Experience features local actress and comedian Heidi Gardner visiting with local school kids, an in-studio performance by Danielle Nicole, the history behind M&M Bakery, the illustrated adventures of Pop-Up Charlie, a report on the impact climate change is having on poverty and a performance by Yo Yo Ma."

You decide . . .


  1. Something about climate change (???), nothing about fucked up streets.

    That is certainly a part of the KC experience that many more residents are concerned about.

    Climate has been CHANGING SINCE "FOREVER" and will continue to do so.

    Just more liberal bullshit to ignore.

  2. No Heidi pic? Come on T, give cum guy something to work with.

  3. These brainwashed climate change leftists know no shame. All it’s about is you have less money so the criminal leftists have more in that state of being your fucked and they’re on easy street that’s the way the commies rule

  4. KCUR is pinker than the red star. They have held carnivals on the frozen Thames river in London in written history look it up pinkos.


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