Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Dotte Seeks Refuge From La Migra

Social justice advocacy in this urban Kansas City, Kansas enclave ramps up as 2020 election season approaches and progressive look to flip another Sunflower State county . . . Checkit:

Immigration Supporters Press For Action in Wyandotte County

Stymied in Roeland Park, immigrant-rights advocates are looking to gain a foothold in Wyandotte County in their effort to make Kansas more "safe and welcoming."


Anonymous said...

Keep the Mexicans coming in and all the blacks in the Dot will be unemployed. Wake up blacks the Demoncrats are not your friend.

Anonymous said...

The old white families in KCK cannot stand the Mexican immigrants. Some Catholic churches held out as long as possible in being welcoming, and finally had to relent. They basically deny there is a huge Hispanic population in front of their face.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet they do and you have zero idea what you're talking about. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. How are you keeping up with events from the ape house? Stupid monkey. Lol