Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thankful For Slamming That Z!!!

Inspiring article about minority media ownership from this upscale Kansas City mag . . . For #TBT, here's Kansas City history which might offer insight as to why both Prez Trump and progressives are in a desperate fight to lure black voters.

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Kansas City has America's oldest black-owned radio station

Photo courtesy of Mike Carter"My grandfather Skip Carter was an engineer by trade, and he always wanted to be in radio. In fact, he built his first radio in his dorm room. My grandfather wrote an article for a magazine - I think it was in 1948 - asking: Why couldn't African Americans be in radio?


Anonymous said...

Nice article, interesting reading about past ingenuity. Something that probably couldn't even occur today. Radio for me was always fascinating but never enough to venture into it. I tinker now and then in the gray areas of legality just to know, just in case. Anyway Happy Thanksgiving TKC, regulars, passersby and even the bomb thrower. Stay safe

Anonymous said...

White people suck

Super Dave said...

In junior high on occasion the group I ran with listened to this station because they played black artist music that was good for dancing to. I remember in the late 60's it being viewed more as an underground station with a small listening audience.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City has America's oldest black-owned radio station?

As a young minority SJW/community activist, I must say that I don't understand how this could be possible.

What with White Institutional Racism prevalent throughout this country, how could the Carter family possibly accomplish this?

All power structures in this country discriminate against minorities.
All law enforcement agencies indiscriminately kill and incarcerate minorities.
My pastor, Dr. Howard, equates those who disagree with him to be KKK members.
My Congressman, a failed carwash operator, says the President of our nation is evil, racist, and should be impeached.
My local Urban League office reports the state of Black KC as stagnant and falling behind.
The KCPS just suffered their latest scandal with the disclosure that they faked attendance records to get more state aid.
The Jackson County Sheriff had told everyone that when he retired as KCPD Chief with a $500K bonus he was going to law school, but I guess he wasn't accepted because he's Black.
The Jackson County Executive nearly lost his house to auction on the courthouse steps for back taxes, but a White attorney bailed him out in return for political favors. It's no doubt a racist conspiracy to enslave a Black man.
KCMO's new Mayor was given a fabricated job at KU Law School, entrapped in a DUI, and forced to hire a nearly all-White campaign staff because he's being blackmailed by KC's White business community.

If you look hard enough, you'll probably find some White men behind the scenes manipulating the Carter family. Everybody knows that people of color are victims of society.

Anonymous said...

^^Chill the fuck out Francis.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I stopped listening when I was a teenager because of all the thugged out music they started playing. Bitch this. Hoe that. I also stopped reading The Call Paper as soon as I found out that the stories they write are less about the Black experience more than it was a political paper who publishes based on what friends think is popular. Whether its the first Black this or that doesn't amount to a hill of beans. It has no impact on my Black life except the amount of socialism and one-sided liberal information makes my life dealing with other Blacks much more difficult by way of indoctrination. It certainly does not define what it is to be Black. Its merely owned by light skinned Blacks. So what?

Anonymous said...

Umm, When did Alf Landon serve as the Governor of Missouri?