Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thankful For Kansas City Tax Fighters

Here's a bit of local policy news for our blog community as we share this MORE PRACTICAL LOOK AT LOCAL ISSUES and a brief respite from today's culture war conversation.

Check local policy pundit Patrick Tuohey talking about cities across the US confronting the same kind of tax & spend development bubble Kansas City has experienced.

CATO: The Politics of Making Cities Work

Even better, Mr. Tuohey will be sharing more insights about municipal policy on The Better Cities Project where some very smart people will be sharing solutions and offering insight about legislative efforts beyond the current spate of gimmes and regulatory crackdowns against small biz that currently dominate the discourse.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

In the polar opposite of KC's current Bizarro World, Patrick Tuohey would be Mayor of this sane city.

Reality Speaker said...

This guy ALWAYS impresses me when I watch RUCKUS. As stated above, one could only hope to have this caliber of political leaders willing to deal with the myriad problem this city faces.

Anonymous said...

Fighting taxes yet they keep going up and up and up.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to thank the "tax fighters" for much of anything unless you completely discount their lack of results.
Lots of good ideas, and they certainly regularly point out how poorly and irresponsibly KCMO and Jackson County are "managed".
But there hasn't been a tax increase voted down in recent memory.
And the "developer incentives" continue unabated.
And the spending on things like bicycle lanes and art festivals hasn't slowed even a little.
Really too bad the voters are either recipients of the handouts or so low-information that they just can't figure out how badly they're regularly being fleeced.