Saturday, November 30, 2019

Show-Me Sports Betting Coming Soon To Missouri As Politicos Need More Tax Cash

Broke-ass statewide guv abandons moralizing over this vice as they desperately seek MORE CASH. This is the way that legal weed makes progress this year as well. Read more:

New report highlights possible changes to Missouri gambling

Changes are likely coming soon to gambling in Missouri. After months of meeting to discuss topics like sports betting and video gambling machines, Missouri lawmakers are set to release a report on their findings Monday. State Rep. Dan Shaul, R-Imperial, led the seven-member special committee.


Anonymous said...

Smiling Selfie Lucas may have something to say about this moral corruption.

Anonymous said...

Don't bet on the Chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new...

The big hand of big brother is at your hip pocket again - they want in, so pay up $chmuck. It's all part of 'the game' friend, it's for your own good (and theirs) 'partner'. You stay legal, and pay them their cut your taxes, then they spend it 'for you.' Don't call it protection money... that would make it sound criminal; how ironic.

It's the American way. Speaking of which, just a couple of days ago the NFL indefinitely suspended an player, for betting. Human nature is unchanged if evolution is arguably not: is just more money today, more people wanting to participate (willing to 'partake', as in 'take a cut' theirs.)

All the big money in sports today still not enough, now they will begin paying amateur athlete$ still in college - what could possibly go wrong? NCAA now compromised a new law, guess thing$ will just work out somehow.

One big, gooey family ('washing each others hands' - 'washing their hands of' (screwing) one another (ince$t), to put it another. And more and more folks today wonder out loud if any of these games could be, or are fixed?
Call me Mencken to your Peale - if one dollar is good, and two or more be better, well...

Is a history there $elf-interest, betting on games: players pro football (1946 NFL Championship Game) and baseball (Black Sox scandal 1919, MLB), referee basketball (NBA's Donaghy starting 2005/continuing beyond.)

Other teams/players/games have been under suspicion going back decades such as Superbowl III, other cases found guilty a Hornung and Karras. Namath and Dawson as well other players yesteryear various sports either considered or investigated. Several Chiefs games 1966 forward, up to Superbowl IV and the time of the merger NFL/AFL, touching closer to home.

Suspicion re: owners dirty hands too, past and present. Today, are two from the NFL involved in/having a financial stake in bookmaker Draft Kings - the po$$ibilitie$ $eem endle$$, and my gratis 'take' is they have been/will be.

A final thought: the regular season will become beside the point. The day is coming sooner than later when 'every team in every sport' will of necessity, make it to post season, nod there never being enough of a good thing, money. By virtue of its unmatched popularity, the NFL will lead the way to Abaddon (Abadddon = 'Hell' for the uninitiated be already living there, 'Show Me'.)

Anonymous said...

Sports betting will ruin the Missouri lottery because the odds will be 50/50 for betters instead of 0/0 since the missouri lottery is one rigged mother fucker!! Sports betting will never pass in Misery!