Show-Me Social Media Crusade Against China By Missouri Senator Hawley

This report is the closes to objective as the newbie Senator is taking heat for his tech concern from big media but actually makes a great deal of sense about foreign app influence on the nation's youngsters . . . Read more:

Senate Republican raises alarm on Apple and TikTok's China ties: "Americans deserve answers"

Why it matters: On Tuesday, Hawley will chair a hearing highlighting the compromises that, he argues, U.S. tech companies make to do business in China. The hearing comes amid increasing tensions over trade and technology transfers between the U.S. and China.


  1. Missourians deserve answers too - when are you going to stop grabbing headlines and actually DO SOMETHING for this Country and this State, Lil' Joshie?

  2. Why don’t Hong Kong Hawley just worry about Missouri instead of China. He was elected to represent Missouri why is he so distracted by whatever chinamen are doing?

  3. Because those china men if left unchecked will start eroding your freedoms here in America especially if the do nothing Dems have anything to do with it.

  4. Artichoke @ 734: It seems to me that Hawley is not only working for the USA but MO as well. What other politician is saying anything except "Impeach"? I wish I could vote for Hawley as my Senator.

  5. Next he'll schedule hearings on why we lost the Alamo. Never ignore the obvious when seeking attention.

    1. Because China is completely irrelevant you guys! Right? Guys?

  6. @9:09 Hawley is doing a surprisingly good job as a newbie. I agree with you. Most commentors on here are simply negative on everyone, when they should just be that way when discussing the dims.

  7. @10:35 and @9:09, did the Koolaid taste funny to you?


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