Show-Me Senator Hawley Against China

Posted in fairness because we link a great many other politico screeds . . . Here's a glimpse at the world according to this Missouri politico who has a penchant for high profile media issues and guest appearances on conservative cable TV news . . . Checkit:

Josh Hawley OpEd: End 'Forever Wars' and Face China's Threat

When the Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago this month, more than a few experts predicted the end of history: Communism was dead and democracy triumphant. Now U.S. power would remake the world, which would come to look a lot like America. George H.W.


  1. It's just soooo easy to take positions on things you can do nothing about and know less regarding.

  2. A war with China could last generations. He is a fucking fool.

  3. He's so desperate for self-promoting headlines that he's writing op-eds for small town papers - what's next, Political Analyst for Thrifty Nickle?

  4. White people are demons from hell who infect the earth with a blood lust leaving bodies in their path...take the Native Americans for example white people will be celebrating their genocide in what the demons call Thanksgiving.

  5. Byron Funkhouser11/26/19, 12:22 PM

    I'm confused. Does he want to end "Forever Wars", or does he want to confront China?

  6. 12:22, yes to both. Also, yes you're confused.

  7. Hawley is a stupid cunt that is in way over his head. Embarrassing.


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