Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Show-Me License For Medical Weed But Nowhere To Smoke It In Missouri

Another cannabis contradiction as authorities, politicos and activists slapfight on the road to decriminalization. Checkit:

Thousands In Missouri Already Have Medical Marijuana Cards With Nowhere To Legally Buy It

Missouri has already approved more than 17,000 patients for its yet-to-be-launched medical marijuana program - a stark contrast to neighboring Illinois, which had fewer than 3,000 patients in the first 10 months. Licenses for Missouri's dispensaries are expected to be awarded by January, and cannabis should be available for medical card holders by spring.


Anonymous said...

I think there were a lot of straw-buyers on the licenses. I haven't looked into it since the licenses first became available, but they were "sold-out" almost immediately. That said the buy-in investment to actually grow and harvest to State standards and inspection were enough to disinterest me. I was just going to plow up my front yard and have the neighborhood dogs and cats crap in it for fertilizer.

Anonymous said...

^^^ 100% correct.