Saturday, November 16, 2019

Show-Me ISIS Missouri Connection

Rural international drama and authorities drilling down against suspects allegedly helping terrorists. Take a look:

Missouri man gets 8 years in prison for aiding ISIS leader

A Missouri man accused of supplying cash and military equipment to a now-deceased ISIS leader in Syria has been sentenced to eight years behind bars - after which he will be deported to his native Bosnia. Ramiz Zijad Hodzic, 45, of St.


Anonymous said...

How many years does Trump get for turning thousands of ISIS terrorists loose in Syria?

Anonymous said...

There's been a strong call for a War Crimes Tribunal.

Anonymous said...

How many years does Obama get for sending pallets of money to help Iran build a bigger nuclear bomb to destroy the U.S. and Israel?

Anonymous said...

Obama, in an multinational agreement including the P5+1 (Google it), negotiated an agreement to STOP Iran from producing a nuclear weapon. It provided verification access to inspectors to monitor compliance. As part of the agreement, the US returned Iran's own money that was previously frozen by the US Treasury department as leverage to get them to the negotiation table.

Your lies and conspiracies don't change the facts.

Just last month, Trump pulled US troops from Northern Syria to surrender our power and influence and sell out the Kurds to Turkey, Syria, Russia, ISIS and Iran. The result was captured ISIS terrorists were released by the thousands. General Mattis previously resigned as DOD secretary because of the idiocy of Trump's weak Syria positions.

Get back on your meds. Reality awaits.