Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Show-Me Forgotten Plan To Save The Planet

Digging through the Missouri archives . . . Newsies discover ideas that MIGHT have worked to thwart environmental damage that persists. Checkit:

Missouri Came Up with A Plan To Slow Climate Change 30 Years Ago, Then Did Little About It

In the spring of 1989, Missouri lawmakers were motivated to figure out how climate change would affect the state's economy, political future and social capital. A year after California started looking into climate change, the Missouri General Assembly created a commission of 14 experts and politicians to study the issue and come up with solutions.


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

....created a commission of 14 experts and politicians
That’s why it was shelved

Anonymous said...

Nothings changed same commies same scam same ripoff still have winter and summer these climate criminals still want your money though to “ fight climate change” not one cent should any of these criminals get from any of us in fact I’m In for putting them all in jail

Anonymous said...

@10:09 has it right - it's all a "Commie Scheme" that makes you believe we're now experiencing 90+ degree highs in early May and lows in the teens in early November!
you only think that we used to have more than two weeks of Spring and Fall, you dupes!