Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Show-Me Defense Of Missouri Liberal Arts

Colleges that make the state more classy confront constant criticism. There's also a worthwhile effort to make this kind of education more relevant.

Check the local implications that really represent class-warfare against an educated populace. Read more:

Students And Professors Are Tired Of Defending The Liberal Arts When Missouri Colleges Make Cuts

Missouri students spending more money to earn degrees want to know they're making a sound investment in their future. That's why college administrators have started steering them toward in-demand professions like education and nursing, where they're all but guaranteed jobs. It's a pathway to get students to and through college with less debt when they graduate.


Anonymous said...

Liberal Arts degree = Foaming lattes at some coffee shop.

Anonymous said...

Dump the Diversity & Inclusion Department. And get rid of at least a third of the non teaching administrators. Save millions.

Anonymous said...

College jobs, like city jobs for white people.