Thursday, November 07, 2019

Show-Me Culture War Period Fight

A worthwhile op/ed glimpse at the fight of Missouri menstruation tracking healthcare political drama. Checkit:

Sultan: What Missouri's state officials need to know about our periods

Since our state department of health is so interested, let's talk about our periods. Put aside your spreadsheet, and pull up a chair, Dr. Randy Williams. As the Kansas City Star first reported, your health department investigators filtered through the private data of women who came to the one remaining abortion provider in Missouri.


Data sez.... said...

.... Hi I'm Data! Your friend and window to the lives and habits of your fellow earthlings. Study me, and everything you need to know about these pesky humans is at your command! Then, you can make financial and political decisions that effectively destroy any remaining resemblance of sanity.

Anonymous said...

Those are some really snazzy dunce caps.