Show-Me Bowl Ban Mizzou Outrage

Our blog community didn't think this was a big deal at first but more than a few notes on this bit of college unfairness inspires another look . . . Checkit:

Missouri incensed as bowl ban upheld, lawyer insists cooperating with NCAA not worthwhile

Missouri football learned Tuesday that, to its dismay, the NCAA has upheld its postseason bowl ban on appeal. Also upheld were additional recruiting-based restrictions against the football program. On Jan. 31, Missouri was handed a bowl ban and a series of sanctions stemming from an academic fraud case.


  1. Bowl ban? Mizzou has a 5-6 record. What bowl are they missing? They are terrible. They would still beat the pussies from Kansas by 40.

  2. MU shud play Grambling and Howard U in a loser bowl full of blacks who can't read the playbook.

  3. 7:34 now that’s true and funny right there! Hahahahaha!

  4. Which is worse? The corruption in the sports programs or their engineering school alumni who go to work for MoDOT designing diverging Diamond interchanges and timing stoplights ??

  5. Mizzou will get to 6 wins against Arkansas this weekend (or they should at least). Bummer for those players they won't get to go to a bowl.

  6. It's past time to deep six the NCAA and form some new type of organization that isn't premised on the myth of student first athlete second at premier sports schools. That said, MU definitely does not deserve a bowl game this year.

  7. Mizzou doesn't deserve a bowl but they did deserve to know long ago if their appeal would allow them to go. To find out 3 days before the last game of the year is ridiculous. The NCAA rules on cases based on the name recognition of the school or a spinning wheel of consequences.
    "I see you landed on loss of 3 scholarships, no tv games, and firing Coach Odom."


  8. K U sucks at football, great at hoops.

    Mizzou sucks at both.

    Muck Fizzou.

  9. MU joined a league they are totally out classed in.


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