Wednesday, November 06, 2019

SecState Pompeo Confronts MSM Scrutiny Amid Likelihood He'll Run For Senate

The Kansas power player will clear out the field as establishment Republicans fear Kobach losing a historic election this time around . . . Read more:

As scandals mount, Pompeo faces 'a revolt' at the State Department

The interview went largely overlooked, but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked to Fox News last week and casually brought up a truly ridiculous conspiracy theory. The nation's top diplomat posited - to a national television audience - that the Obama administration might have withheld military aid to Ukraine because of an undetermined scheme involving Hunter Biden.


Anonymous said...

There was a time in this Country when the Secretary Of State acted with some level of dignity!

Of course, so did the President and Veep, but those days are gone forever (or at least until 2021)!

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I want Kris! We need him to get that Colorado wall built and keep those crazy New Mexicans and Coloradans with their commie pot out of KKKansas!

Anonymous said...

It’s not ridiculous or a conspiracy, it’s true.

Here’s msnbc’s take on crooked creepy joe and his crooked dope head son. “that the Obama administration might have withheld military aid to Ukraine because of an undetermined scheme involving Hunter Biden.” They also failed to mention he got a prosecutor fired for investigating said dope head son, remember, there is video evidence of this and there’s no getting around it.

You dimwits are stupid. Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

6:57 is correct. The Biden crime family is typical Washington insider scum.

Anonymous said...

6:57: The operative word is "undetermined." Until it's determined it ain't a fact.

This morning's Wall Street Journal reports that Blue Star Technologies, a consulting firm hired by Burisma, mentioned that Joe Biden's son served on Burisma's board in order to get a State Department meeting.

This seems to be the best the right can do. A name-dropping firm drops a name to get a meeting. It happens all the time. I worked for a major Defense contractor who hired a consulting firm referred to as "Rent-a-General" in order to have some names to drop.

There's no evidence either Biden was aware of the name-dropping.

There is, however, evidence the great pumpkin used the holdup of taxpayer funds to try to get dirt on a political opponent.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, following graduation from West Point the honor code of "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do" is out the window.

It's amazing how we hold young people to standards of which we can't even hold on our own President.

Anonymous said...

^^^Recall that it was Obama who told the Politifact "Lie of the Year." (Many of his other lies could have won; it was so hard to choose just one.) So may we assume that he had no military service academy grads in his administration?

Anonymous said...

^^^ WTF is "Politifact"?
Just another Far-Right Wingnut rag?
Sounds like they have the same credibility level as Breitbart or one of those Grocery Store Checkout Tell Alls!

Anonymous said...

^^ha! 9:43AM just got his geezer skull caved in! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:43, do you seriously, seriously want to do a scorecard of Trump Lies vs. Obama lies???? Seriously? Do you live under a rock? Do you smoke crack cocaine? I don't think Trump open his mouth without lying. You'd need a ten key to keep track of all the lies in real time. It'd be harder than running the scoreboard for an NBA game.

Anonymous said...

Last time they tallied it, it was over 12,000 times! It's no doubt gone up since then.

Anonymous said...

1:27, yes I do. Get at it. And, please separate them into two categories: harmless lies and whoppers. You can get started by putting Obama's lies about the ACA and Benghazi into the whopper category.

Anonymous said...

^^^I'll bite even though it's pointless because you Trumptards would eat a shit sandwich Trump serves you so long as he tell you it's turkey:
Tariffs are making America rich. WRONG, you and I are paying the tariffs. Feel rich yet asshole?

Republicans support protections for Pre-existing conditions. This is a heaping pile of bullshit as the Trump admin backed Republican led states in a lawsuit that claims Obamacare's protections for pre-existing conditions are illegal.

We're building the wall. More Bullshit to keep you fucking dipshits in the base invigorated. Nevermind that Mexico was going to pay for it. This asshole keeps trotting out statements that the wall is being built (in spite of Democrats) when all that's happening is repair and replacement.

We're done policing the Middle East and getting out of Syria. More bullshit, we're actually just guarding oil wells now while we shit on the group that did all the heavy lifting vs. ISIS. Oh and he said the Kurds are much safer now which is demonstrably false.

So Obama said you could keep your Dr. and you couldn't. Obama actually took responsibility for this and apologized.

Benghazi - who knows where your dumb Trumptard brain brewed this one up but if you recall there were hours and hours of hearings (run exactly the same as the current hearings are being done with regards to Ukraine) that found no blame on Obama. There's NO FUCKING EVIDENCE.

It's too fucking easy with you dumbfucks. I could go on and on. Some big lies, some just mundane and stupid. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter because you people are fucking stupid and operate like a fucking cult.

Anonymous said...

8:42, not well done at all. You proved exactly nothing.

Here is a video montage of 77 Obama lies. Your turn.

Anonymous said...

Freebeacon....right. And it says 77 times....I got news for you, Donnie still wins.

Go find a fucking real news source you dumbfuck. Done with this back and forth. It's pointless because you're in a cult.

I can't for the life of me figure out why you dummys support this guy? A silver spoon born, daddy bail out fuck up, who hasn't the slightest fucking clue what he's doing. Is it because he's fat, old, orange, rat on the head wearing, loudmouth who thinks he's right about everything? I guess there's a market for that or something?

Anonymous said...

Did I see that right today? Trump has to pay $2M to settle his a civil suit against his phony ass foundation? Can't be, no way! Trump wouldn't run a sham foundation.

You know what really must chap Trumps ass though? The Clinton foundation has an A rating through multiple charity watchdog groups. Not the fucking Clintons!

I'm sure those ratings agencies are part of the deep state, cabal thingy or whatever.