Republican Contenders Fight Over Prez Trump Impeachment Drama Amid Primary To Defeat Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids

Suburban right-wing talking points in this establishment vs. alt-right debate among lady politicos looking to lure the DECIDING POWER of JoCo housewives . . . Checkit:

Impeachment raised as issue in GOP primary for Kansas seat

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) - A Republican candidate in a Kansas congressional race is making impeachment an issue against one of her GOP primary opponents. The NEWSPAPER reports that Sara Hart Weir has accused GOP rival Amanda Adkins of remaining "eerily silent" on opposing the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.


  1. Get Sherice to debate. She's a nearly illiterate carpetbagger that will leave Kansas when she is defeated.

  2. That "eerie silence is what's going to get Adkins the nomination!
    Trump is even an anchor hung around Republican candidate's necks in the primaries.
    The GOP doesn't have a clue as to what a problem they have!

  3. Most Americans believe in protecting our borders, lower taxes, growing jobs, having a strong military, 2nd Amendment, repecting the flag and law enforcement, being proud of being an American, etc. That's where Trump stands and that's why he's going to win despite what any polls say. And this is coming from a former Obama supporter.

  4. “This is a dark day and a cloud has fallen on this House…this House is developing and shredding procedures every day.” - Rep. Doug Collins

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    Little did he know he was describing today’s Trump-hating Democrats in Congress.

    1. So what? MLK was a nigger

  5. As an independent, it's easy to see the Democrats have gone over the boundaries of decency in determining an impeachable offense with this president. It started before Day 1. Somewhere, perhaps at the DMC, there's a playbook with a laundry list of actions to take after each try against the duly-elected president. It never stops. They spend all their time on damaging the image of the president and trying to remove him from office instead of trying to help the country. It's disgraceful and dishonest to the highest degree.

  6. An "Independent" spelled T-R-U-M-P-P-U-P-P-E-T!
    How was the Kool Aid, metoo?

  7. @10:12, thanks for listing all the things Trump has failed at since he took office.
    Now let's get someone in who can get something on your list done!


    Not Ready For Prime Time Player!!!

  9. What are the criminals impeaching on. They have nothing

  10. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    Little did he know he was describing today’s Trump loving Republicans in Congress who will excuse any behavior, no matter how loutish or thuggish, to stay in power.


  11. Hillary 2020!

  12. I think Sharice would lick Weir in a tight race. I would lick Weir too.

  13. Super Dave, out here repeating Republican talking points. Here's the reality:
    Democrats have been running the behind closed door hearings by Republican made rules (remember Benghazi assholes?) where Republicans are present and can ask questions.
    Democrats have now agreed to Republican requests to make things public (Republicans are now bitching about that).
    Trump is still bitching about a whistle blower who by law, is allowed to remain anonymous, despite the fact that the WH released summary of the call (yes, it's a fucking summary, not a transcript) corroborates the whistle blower account.
    The whistle blower has been corroborated by a Vietnam veteran who also was a veteran of government service who was requested out of retirement by Pompeo and a current Lt. Colonel Iraq war veteran purple heart recipient, not to mention two other current administration witnesses.
    But I'm supposed believe the accusations against these people that they are out to get a guy who habitually lies, has cheated on multiple spouses, and has run several business ventures into the dirt?

    Please, you cultists can provide me something more substantial to have some faith in our POTUS, right? I mean, something beyond a conspiracy theory of deep state out to get this poor guy? Please, there has some to be something.

    Next thing you know, it's gonna be "Yeah, he did it, but it's no big deal".

  14. The Washington Post was calling f o.j r Trumps impeachment 19 min. after he won. This country is so f__ked. The Demoncrats should be completely voted out of all offices next election cycle.

  15. 9:16 you said a whole lot of nothing. Maybe someday you will wake the fuck up and jerk your head out of your ass.

    Corroboration by a Vietnam veteran does not make a lie or fraud the truth. Your a liberal hating democraper who was screaming for impeachment as someone else has pointed out within minutes of Trump winning. You pussies were all so sure Hillary had it won that 3 years later you're still acting butthurt over it.

    A conspiracy is indeed in place to remove Trump from office so by your own words you are not wanting to see what you know to be true in the first place and that it is indeed a conspiracy by the democrats.

  16. ^^^That's all you got dummy?

    C'mon, you can do better can't you?

    Who knew facts were so hard to deal with? I get you on the corroboration piece, but why should I NOT believe them over Trump? You got anything there? His sterling record of honesty perhaps? His unequivocal devotion to truth? The moral way he operates? Oh wait, none of that is fact. Unless I'm missing something? Please enlighten me about your great one.


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