Prez Trump Predicts Pompeo Landslide

A look at political inevitability and the demise of Kris Kobach as a serious force within the Kansas Republican party, betrayed by the dude whose swagger he wanted to much to adopt . . . Checkit:

Trump says if Pompeo ran for Senate seat in Kansas, he'd 'win in a lanslide'

TOPEKA, Kan. - President Donald Trump on Friday appeared to open the door for the top U.S. diplomat, Mike Pompeo, to leave his post to run for an open Senate seat in his home state of Kansas. Talk about a Senate run has picked up as Pompeo has come under criticism for not defending U.S.


  1. FTR, Trump says this about everybody he talks about running for office where he is backing them. When he doesn't win, he will crow about bringing him back from some gargantuan deficit, to almost win. Or they lost because they just didn't listen to him. If he does win, but barely, but wins none the less, Trump will say it's because of him. Rinse and repeat.

  2. He shouldn't be able to run since he should be sitting in prison but then again who knows what will happen in this autocracy/ plutocracy/oligarchy/fascist country.


  3. Hillary 2020!

  4. The Red Star already has a target on Pompeo. So predictable in their slamming of all Republicans, especially those they fear might win. They try so hard to sway voters with their negative fiction. No wonder their parent company is looking at bankruptcy.

  5. Trump believes in a strong economy, job growth, lower taxes, protected borders, American pride and a superior military, while Democrats believe in the opposite. With all this in mind, it's easy to see why so many people like him as president.

  6. Have to read Jimmy C.
    His boring crap on impeachment says:
    1. He must pour hours into pretending he still matters and old guys can write.
    2. Not know Biden did get a job for his son and had a foreign prosecutor fired. That’s the influence.
    3. It’s the most one sided questions ever asked.
    4. Republicans can wait to flip the script.... tables will be turned.
    5. Poll after poll show Independents hate Shitty shifty Schiff.
    6. He has not really gotten the hang of retirement... he will see his life’s work go bankrupt and online because the papers leaders never could figure out the future. There was never a successful plan of succession. Old guys never had a good plan.

    If anyone can read all of his stuff on the kangaroo impeachment- maybe they can sell it as a cure for insomniacs.

  7. “I’m going to speak to you from the heart about what I believe is the best path forward for America.”

    An Army veteran who finished first in his class at West Point, Pompeo cited Trump’s boast that if he ordered a soldier to commit a war crime the soldier would “go do it.”

    As the audience booed, Pompeo warned that Trump—like Barack Obama—would be “an authoritarian President who ignored our Constitution.” American soldiers “don’t swear an allegiance to President Trump or any other President,” Pompeo declared. “They take an oath to defend our Constitution, as Kansans, as conservatives, as Republicans, as Americans.

    Marco Rubio will never demean our soldiers by saying that he will order them to do things that are inconsistent with our Constitution.”

    Listening backstage, Trump demanded to know the identity of the congressman trashing him.

    A few minutes later, Pompeo concluded, “It’s time to turn down the lights on the circus.”

  8. ^^^^^ Is that you Shiffty ....... Go wash your neck.

  9. @7:35, still listening to the pink bunny that lives in the potted African Violet growing on your windowsill?

    Trump said that? Oh shit, I'm being tossed under the bus next week.


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