Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Some topics supersede local issues and there's no denying that today's historic events dominate the mind of every Kansas City voter as the fate of the Commander-In-Chief hangs in the balance.

And so, right now we share news links from "many sides" of this EPIC struggle for power and a preview of 2020 campaign season already out of control.


Witch Hunt Sneak Peek?!?!

What to expect from the impeachment hearings

The Democratic point of view, per conversations with House Democratic aides working on the impeachment inquiry: Their goal is to have Ambassador Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, and State Department official George Kent - both apolitical career officials - lay out what they see as Trump's abuse of presidential powers to force a foreign government to interfere in U.S.

Today Is History

Trump impeachment hearings will echo through the ages

The gravity and drama of the first televised impeachment hearings into Donald Trump's presidency on Wednesday will imprint themselves on history and reverberate far from Washington.

Impeachment Sympathies

Steve Bannon says Pelosi's impeachment strategy is "actually quite brilliant"

Washington - Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday, saying her handling of the impeachment inquiry is "actually quite brilliant." "I disagree with her ideologically, but I think Nancy Pelosi is a master at political warfare.

New Charges Confront Prez???

Breaking: Chairman Schiff says Dems can impeach Trump for bribery

On the eve of the historic impeachment hearing, the top impeachment investigator, Rep. Adam Schiff tells NPR there is enough evidence to impeach Trump for bribery, for abusing "official" powers of the presidency and because Trump was "offering official acts for some personal or political reason."

The Word From Rudy

Giuliani defends 'innocent' phone call between Trump and Ukrainian president in WSJ op-ed

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal lawyer, penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday defending the president against allegations of wrongdoing in a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that led to an impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives.

How To Watch

How to watch the Trump impeachment hearing: Schedule, witnesses and more

The first public presidential impeachment hearing in over 20 years is set to be held before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, with witnesses Democrats believe will bring to life allegations that President Donald Trump has abused the power of the presidency.

Discounting Partisan Price-tag

OPINION | What Impeachment Will Cost the GOP

President Donald Trump and this generation of Republicans plainly are looking to the politics of the Clinton impeachment as a source of comfort. They are deluding themselves in a profound way.

Expect Prez Trump To Fight

'Anonymous' author warns that Trump 'will not exit quietly,' even if defeated or impeached

The anonymous official who has written a scathing account of the presidency of Donald Trump suggests the president might refuse to leave office even if convicted in impeachment hearings or defeated narrowly in the 2020 election - and says Trump is preparing his followers to see either outcome as a "coup" that could warrant resistance.

And so . . .

We'll be watching and waiting for this EPIC display of Democracy in action or lack thereof ... Depending on the vantage of the reader.

You decide . . .


Monica's Blue Dress said...

Totally expect this will take as long as possible and it will hurt the president but if the dems aren't careful it will also ruin their image and make the public think of them and dangerous. Republicans attacking the process of this thing have been effective so far.

Anonymous said...

It gets thrown out of the senate this is all just a circus to pose for the cameras and raise fundraising dollars. Not real work for the American people from the do nothing congress.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Good point.

Only wish the news would give the public a dose of reality and just look at the voting numbers.

It's not all good news, this could be a crucial issue that leads to some republicans targeted but now the Trump derangement syndrome looks like it might debilitate the whole nation.

MAGA The Future said...

Trump wins.

Anonymous said...

^^ Well stated and Epstein did not kill himself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There wasn't any collusion according to Mueller.

Anonymous said...

The 'impeachment' is whatever Schiff decides it is at any given moment.

Anonymous said...

Attempt at a political coup because he is not a war monger beholden to (((them))) and the industrial military complex

Anonymous said...

There are three critical problems for the democrats.

1. Schiff is a terrible choice to lead this little dog and pony show. The camera does not love him, and it's proven very easy to put him off-balance. Aside from the fact that he has already been caught lying about previous contact with the whistleblower, his hilarious reverses on the whistleblower testifying, and his former daily claims that he had damning evidence in the first Russia hoax. He's a freak.

2. The Biden/Burizma scandal isn't going anywhere. As more details emerge, none of them look good for Biden. His candidacy, weak as it is, is probably compromised. This is why old Hillary and everyone else is talking about getting into the race. Basically, if you're going to publicly attack Trump for the way he went after corruption on Ukraine, it's going to be hard not to talk about the real corruption in Ukraine.

3. At some point before Thanksgiving, the Inspector General is going to be releasing a report on the Obsma justice department's interference with the Trump campaign. They're empanelling a grand jury, so it's no joke. People are going to go to jail, and it's going to be an enormous story that will make the 'impeachment inquiry' irrelevant.

Have fun!

chuck said...

There is NO separation, NO daylight between, the Main Stream Media, the DNC, the Deep State and their cheerleaders, the Entertainment Industry.

I think it is weird, when FOX News anchors query themselves and others on why the MSM never investigated the obvious, outrageous lies that drove the Russian Collusion Hoax.

You wouldn’t expect Chris Jones, the Defensive Lineman to run off of the bench and tackle a Chiefs wide receiver would you? You wouldn’t expect a Chiefs offensive lineman to turn around after the snap and tackle Patrick Mahomes. They have different jobs, but there is NO difference – they all activists in search of power.

For 3 years, the "Resistance" has lied to us about "Russian Collusion", Trump being a traitor and now, presents a phone conversation as prima facie evidence of a "High Crime And Misdemeanor" in order to remove, by Impeachment, or by damaging the administration in the forthcoming election, President Trump. Never, in my lifetime have forces, so contemptible, corrupt, so nefarious, so Fascist been aligned against a duly elected President, for such obviously, venal, self aggrandizing reasons.

Trump's challenge of the Administrative Deep State, "triggered" elites in the "meritocracy", those Kleptocrats, Plutocrats and the 4th Estate on an existential level. The threat to their suzerainty over us all, from behind the Communist Curtain, where actual decisions are made, in spite of elections was too great a risk to the entrenched faceless fools who have taken us into wars, bled out the middle class and euchred real egalitarian power from the common man/woman over the last 5 decades.

Americans are, for the most part, now, as a result of 3 generations of educational brainwashing from radical, myopic, narcissistic, sanctimonious Progressives in the Halls Of Academe, dumb as bricks. Unable to discern objective reality as anything other than what their "Thought Leaders" tell them, they dwell in Stygian stupidity, like Keanu Reeves hooked up to tubes full of Fascist Fentanyl, provided through tubes by Progressive vampires who suck the life out of everyone in search of more, more, more and more power.

You will hear, this week, the howls of the "Children Of The Night" screaming for more, more, more and more of your blood, your honor and your agency while pretending that they are patriots and really following the law and respecting the "Constitution".

These are the "Traitors" that, since early 2016, when it became clear, that Trump might win, arrayed against him (Read: US), a psyops operation, created ex nihilo, out of whole cloth narrative, to destroy him (Read:US), in order to preserve access to the tubes, providing power, money and sinecure, to the contemptible "Meritocracy" (Read: Fascists) who rule over us all, from behind the Communist Curtain.

Let us hope, that God and His Angels, guard our President over the next year. Anyone who stands in the way, of the evil Triumvirate of the Administrative Deep State, the DNC and the 4th Estate, usually ends up dead.

Anonymous said...

7:19: The 1930s called. The thousand year Reich misses you.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Are You Not Entertained?

Anonymous said...

Chuck: Was your screed cribbed from a defense of Nixon, circa 1974?

Anonymous said...

This is all theater, with the Dems thinking it will discredit Trump in the minds of voters. Their goal is to get a bigger advantage in the 2020 election, not to get a conviction.

It wouldn't be a bad plan, except for the fact that the Dems can't run a good scam. They live in an echo chamber, and will no doubt go "Full Kavanaugh" on this. They'll eventually bring in outrageous witness, give self-righteous speeches, and massively over-play their hand.

The impeachment effort will very like backfire, not because it's a bad political strategy, but because the Dems have no self control and can't pull off an effective presentation.

And . . . unlike Republicans in years past, it's not like Trump is going to just sit there and take it.

Odds are good that the impeachment show gets Trump four more years in the White House.

Anonymous said...

If the Dems won't let due process take place how are they going to impeach?
Repubs can't call their own witnesses and Trump can't face his accuser. This travesty of justice wouldn't even take place in traffic court.

chuck said...

8:03 - Take a deep breath and, just for a minute think about how upside down things are, compared to that era. Nixon actually, committed crimes and covered them up (So did Clinton - it's categorical, on the record). This "process" has ALWAYS been, an investigation in search of a crime, like Beria's Soviet Union, under Stalin.

THINK for a second what is going on here.

In Joe Biden, is in Ukraine, strong arming the Ukrainians, to stop the investigation of Burisma, where his son works and collected over 3 million dollars (For Access and tax payer money, that Burisma then sends back to selected Democrat politicians, here in the U.S. to get re-elected, then, rinse wash and repeat.) Joe Biden is on Video, bragging about ending the investigation by way of firing a prosecutor. Trump asks the Ukrainian president to look into "Crowdstrike" one of the implicated players in the "Russian Collusion" HOAX that divided and damaged our country and the obvious implication and logical inference of corruption, by the sitting Vice President and YOU, think that Trump should be Impeached for investigating those circumstances.

It's insane, but, if you are hooked up to the tubes, sucking in the Progressive Pablum served up everyday by your Communist Commissars and sporting an education with a degree in Gender Studies, then you just drool into your lap and ignorantly compare the Nixon crimes with the nonexistent Trump "TREASON" and nod off into your Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs bowl of bullshit.

The pretense, that NO witnesses can be called, to substantiate the genesis for the questions from Trump to Zelensky in the Soviet Star Chamber that is now being conducted with the full support of the evil Triumvirate, is preposterous, yet made possible, by uneducated, obtuse, fuckin morons like you.

Anonymous said...

Eric CIAramella

Anonymous said...

Take it slow, I know you're upset.

It was Mueller's job to find collusion. He didn't, and said so, and the report still says so. On any channel.

Take your meds and learn about the caps lock

Anonymous said...

When all of this is over the American people need the military to march in and pull all these traitor democrats and their deep state collaborators out of their cubicles put them up against a wall and shoot them. If any other government on this planet discovered traitors in their ranks they’d be executed. Then I’d start in on the criminal news media execute the worst of them throw the rest of them in jail. Joe McCarthy was right we’re surrounded by traitors and commies and we’ve got to cut the cancer out of America otherwise America will cease to exist

Anonymous said...

^^^^Oh, my. What rock did you crawl out from under?

Anonymous said...

All I know is, we will be voting in 2020. I intend to vote for Amy Klobuchar or the guy from South Bend that sucks dick and looks like Alfred E Neuman.

Anonymous said...

He. Is. Impeached. It's done. He deserves it. He's a traitor. Lock him up.

Anonymous said...

Pocahontas takum orange man scalp.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, are you watching this? Nunes is taking them to the woodshed. Awesome! Total backfire for the dems.

Anonymous said...

He. Is. Not. You don't understand the process any better than you understand how to form sentences. Lol

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Byron is walking around with a hard dick in his hand

Anonymous said...

Nunes stampum little foot.

Byron Funkhouser said...

If Ukraine should investigate Biden's actions, then they should also investigate Rick Perry's actions. If China should investigate Hunter Biden's actions, then China should also investigate Ivanka Trump's actions. That the most corrupt President in history is requesting that other countries investigate corruption is laughable.

Guilliani is not a representative of the United States. He has no official function, or mandate. He is simply the President's new "fixer". It is not appropriate for the President to tell Ukraine to talk to him about anything, except maybe the weather.

Mueller said he found no evidence of collusion with Russia, however he wasn't privy to the private conversations between Putin & Trump. No one knows what was said. What we do know is that the President choose to take Putin's word over the findings of our intelligence community. He still refuses to acknowledge that Russia interfered in our election actually claiming that it was Ukraine who interfered.

The President claims to have the most transparent administration in history, & yet refuses to share his tax returns with the American people as every other President has done. This action is indefensible.

It is the constitutional duty of Congress to conduct oversight of the Administration. This is not a hoax or a witch bunt. This is Congress doing their job.

I support impeachment & removal from office.

Anonymous said...

Pointless ramble; forget to take your pills this morning?

Anonymous said...

Oh, 9:50. Learn to read. Life is so much more interesting. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yikes. How many times is Schiff going to perjure himself? "I do not know the identity of the whistleblower."

Have you guys got another hoax on deck? This one has no legs.

Anonymous said...

This impeachment is such a bad look for dems that it's hilarious and I hope it goes on for the next year. If republicans know what's good they'll stretch this out as long as possible. Can't wait til it gets to the senate...if they even have the votes (I'm thinking they might not)

There were three main things over the last year or so that exposed dems to normies:

1. Covington Catholic boys scandal

2. Kavanaugh hearings

3. this 'orange man bad' impeachment

It pushes normies more to trump because regular people see how dangerous it would be if dems ever got power again

Anonymous said...

This is a Coup. I know people who are planning resistance if it succeeds. That is all I will say until such time as action is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Let me summarize, our POTUS is a thug who tries to extort foreign countries to smear his opponents. This is bullshit behavior of course, that no political party should partake in. Problem is, a vast majority of Republicans and all of the Trump cult are ok with this garbage. Sad.

Anonymous said...

10:28 - Get some mental help man. There's something wrong with you and the people you associate with.

Anonymous said...

and yet he's going to be impeached and there's nothing any of you can do to change that. Weird.

chuck said...

Byron, your red herrings and non sequitur reasoning notwithstanding, sure, let's investigate Rick Perry (?) and Ivanka, again (?). Whatever...

The President can use ANY lawyer he sees fit, to access, attain or gather information and intelligence. He is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the United States Of America.

"Mueller said he found no evidence of collusion with Russia, however he wasn't privy to the private conversations between Putin & Trump. No one knows what was said."

What the fuck are you? Tom Cruise in the movie "Minority Report"?

"What we do know is that the President choose to take Putin's word over the findings of our intelligence community." NO SHIT! Any citizen, who would now, after the categorical proof of criminal malfeasance in the "Intelligence Community" speak with those partisan, politically corrupt, tainted Bureaucrats without a lawyer and cameras available, is an idiot. They and the organizations they represent, are corrupt to the core and are unworthy of ANY trust of ANY American citizen.

"He still refuses to acknowledge that Russia interfered in our election actually claiming that it was Ukraine who interfered."

8 Billion dollars was spent in the 2016 election, the Russians bought about 200k worth of ads that went both ways in trying to "disrupt" the election.

Here are the facts.

In 2016, highly placed, unelected, bureaucrats in the State Department, the IRS, the CIA, the NSA, the DNI, the FBI whose partisanship for Hillary Clinton was later revealed, with criminal premeditation and criminal intent, sought to destroy the Trump Campaign and after the election, the Trump Administration with what, to this very second, is an ongoing coup attempt.

The thin patina of the so called "investigations" are a cover for the malevolent, treasonous, seditious attempts by Democrat/Fascist/Progressive/Socialists that populate the TEAM PLAYERS aligned against this president and the American people who duly elected Trump.

The Deep State, the Democrat Party, the 4th Estate and their ugly cheerleaders in Hollywood, will do ANYTHING, no matter how criminal, to oust Trump and, as you see on TV today, look right into the camera and lie about it.

Anonymous said...

^^and chuck you're powerless to do a damn thing about any of it.

Anonymous said...

^^The POTUS is the chief law enforcement officer of the US? I thought that was the AG Chuck?

Chuck, you're just a flat out fucking weirdo and unfortunately there's so many of you fucking weirdos in our country. It's really disturbing.

Anonymous said...

At least summarize correctly. The Democrats have zero strategy to beat Trump at the ballot box, so it's bullshit city, over and over. Very sad.

Super Dave said...

Byron how about you share your tax returns with everyone?

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. You should stick to flinging poo!

Wait. With that as your qualification you'd make a fine Democrat. Lol

chuck said...

Call me all the names you want.

The actual, tangible threat, the ongoing, sinister, behind the scenes, behind the curtain, behind the lies threat to this so called, "Democracy", is the Administrative Deep State, that, in conjunction with the DNC, the Media and the Entertainment Industry, make decisions that subvert the actual will of the legally elected representatives of the people.

Unelected, bureaucrats, sitting in cubicles in Washington DC, with the support of the Politicians on both the left and right, and, again the Media and Hollywood, all play for the same team, and, YOU AIN'T ON IT Mr. and Mrs. America.

Your votes do NOT count and the farce we are seeing on TV today, is to make sure, that they continue to mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

Chuck and others here knows their could too if you cut the cord of the lying duplicitous traitorous MSM that does nothing but lie and manipulate you.

Try thinking for your self sometime question the narrative that has been spoon fed to you in school and on the tv, it just may open your eyes to the lifetime of manipulation you have endured.

I did not vote for trump, but I could see from day one the media and career politicos had a target on his back because he was not one of them and could not be "counted" on to play the game, keep their secrets, prolong the endless wars and continue the charade of the two opposing political parties who operate only to prop each other up to enrich themselves, their donors, and families and friends. They see themselves as feudal lords and the rest of us as slaves and cattle. Why do they press so hard to limit the 1st and 2nd Amendments....they are the only impediments to enslaving you without resistance.

Anonymous said...

And yet Trump will be impeached, weird. He will almost certainly will not be removed, but he will have all the appeal of a swamp creature at the ballot box next year, and all the gerrymandering and voter suppression will not be enough to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Anonymous said...

What's probably most disturbing to you is that you have zero effective counterarguments.

Anonymous said...

Chuck you're right about one thing, your votes DO NOT count in this country. Remember, Trump lost the popular vote. Bigly.

Super Dave said...

Chuck and I have been called everything but a white boy on here so much we just laugh at it. Truth be known when you resort to calling me names I know I have pissed you off with the facts that you don't want to see and hate to see the same as Chuck does. I very very seldom respond to anything against me and Tony does the same.

Byron, still waiting for you to give us your tax returns.

Super Dave said...

Just to clear some air here folks. By law, the public does not have legal access to any individual's tax return. Income tax records are both private and privileged information. Likewise, private investigators also cannot obtain this information. ... The taxing authorities within the state or at the federal level can have access to all income tax records. So if you don't want to share you can't really be forced to outside a court of law. Trump knows as well as the rest of us do if he provides his taxes to this witch hunt CNN will have it plastered all over the air waves before even all the witch hunt committee gets to see it.

The President as well as the rest of us deserves some privacy as well. If Presidents in the past have handed out their tax returns then more power to them but still don't mean Trump has to.

Byron still waiting for you to give us your tax returns.

Anonymous said...

You need to go back to eighth grade civics, if you got that far. We have the Electoral College. Bigly.

Maybe go back to eighth grade English too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gosh. Fantasy much?

Exactly which of the clown car of Democrats can beat him, and how many of his followers are going to abandon him because of the latest impeachment fraud?

Remember FOX news ratings are going through the roof, and CNN has fewer viewers than the Hallmark channel.

Anonymous said...

and yet Trump still lost the popular's not really very popular. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Trump as President has near plenary power to conduct foreign relations as he sees fit. Short of declaring war and perhaps bitching about his decisions while in session, Congress has no part in it. Even less have the bureaucratic minions who are sure that they, and not the President, should get to dictate foreign policy. There is no Article in the Constitution that covers the Deep State. They are part of the Executive Branch, all of whom report ultimately to the President. So if Trump says this is how we will deal with Ukraine, or this is how we will deal with Russia, that's entirely his prerogative. Democrats in Congress may disagree, bureaucrats in the Administration may disagree, but it's not their call.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you seem to know exactly zero about the executive branch and US government. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^^12:06 was homeschooled, and his parents were too cheap to buy a civics book.

Anonymous said...

Adam Schiff just said he doesn’t know the whistleblower’s name.
It took me under 60 seconds to figure it out with Goggle (use Reddit or Twitter).
So Schiff is either a liar or a idiot or both.
This is not going anywhere after the house.
Karma will be at work in the 2020 election.

Anonymous said...

Far more likely that Trump will do what he's done so many times before, cut and run as soon as he sees things going against him.

He's always been a gutless wonder, whether dodging the Draft or robbing Lenders, Investors, Contractors and Employees through bankruptcy as soon as he paid himself every cent he could lay his hands on.

Don't forget "The Art Of The Deal", twenty "deals" discussed, twenty of them failures.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you're butthurt that he won. Next.

Anonymous said...

And yet he is President. SO weird.

(If you're clueless about how elections work)

Anonymous said...

Anything incorrect in what was said, or are you just mad? Lol

NicK said...

if they stick to Ukraine this will blow up in dems faces go after him for emoluments

Anonymous said...

we are witness to the deep state ( mil industrial complex) preforming a slow coup of an elected president . All of trumps success will be wiped out in 10 years and replaced with socialism and white male discrimination policies. The US is doomed and will be no more in 40 years. not to worry as the world will be underwater by then.
fuck all lawyers and fuck all that make money off of being in office. OBAMA LOOKING AT YOU. OBAMA IS STILL THE ANTICHRIST!

Anonymous said...

Democrats be scammin"

It's what they do.

Anonymous said...

It's incorrect where, Chimpy? Remember as an ape you're not quite as smart as humans. Lol

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is Almighty God's anointed President.
His enemies will be smashed and crushed to dust.

Anonymous said...

Why are Republicans still hung up on the WB? He/She has been corroborated first hand. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we punish the people that got us into the Vietnam war? Or sue their estates? Big mistake. No way Vietnam had any interest in the USA or converting it to communism. No terror threats from them. Just a small civil war in the middle of rice paddies or government got us into. 40,000 young men dead. For what?

Anonymous said...

"Donald Trump is Almighty God's anointed President.
His enemies will be smashed and crushed to dust."

That explains all the corruption, wives, prostitutes, affairs, etc. Thanks for clearing that up, 2:18.

Your family must be so proud if they're still speaking to you.

Anonymous said...

1. Everyone knows who it is. His name is Eric Ciamarella, an Obama CIA holdover, lifelong Democrat, with ties to Biden. He never heard the phone call in question.

2. At first Adam Schiff denied any contact with the whistleblower. Then that was proven false. At first Adam Schiff insisted that the whistleblower was going to testify, then reversed himself when the whistleblower's party hack status became known. Just today Adam Schiff went on to perjure himself yet again when he claimed falsely on national television that he didn't know who the whistleblower was. Pretty silly, and awfully dodgy.

3. If you're the Republicans, and you begin to understand that not only is the source of the latest attack on the President a Dem party hack with ties to Biden, but that this individual never even heard the phone call at the heart of the inquiry, you would want to question them to determine their motives, sympathies, and the extent of their partisan ties.

Anonymous said...

How is your family doing with your singleminded hatred of the elected President?

Anonymous said...

Fun Fact for Republicans who like to trot out "UkRaIne Got tHeiR Aid, wHaT's the ProBlEm?"....the aid to Ukraine was released on 9/11, two days after the existence of the WB complaint was revealed to lawmakers.

Anonymous said...

4:15 - seriously, who gives a shit? the WB has been corroborated by multiple other people. you could pretend the WB doesn't fucking exist and it wouldn't change a thing. The only thing the WB did was narc out a guy who needed to be narced out.

Fucking Trump, running his administration like he's a Gambino. That's an insult to Gambino's. They were smarter.

chuck said...

3:49 Is correct.

Robert McNamara's "In Retrospect: The Tragedy And Lessons Of Vietnam", an apology and admission of his and subsequent administrations mistakes in far flung violent enterprises, designed to win the "Hearts And Minds" of foreigners we are sure, want to listen to American music and drive pick up trucks was a brilliant, if delinquent apology, NOT an apologia as many would have you believe. The following "Fog Of War" series elaborated on same.

It's too bad, that our politicians don't come right out, after mistakes like "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and admit the galactic blunders that send our young men and women to bleed out in the sand in the Hindu Kush, or pass through Walter Reed to acquire new legs, arms and psyches in order to get through every day to lunch.

Trump, like McNamara said of Kennedy, believes that his number one responsibility is to keep us out of foreign wars and put America first.

You learn best, from your mistakes. Usually politicians, are cast aside after destroying the country they love.

Robert McNamara would be sickened unto his soul, at the disgraceful behaviour of our Democrat and some Republican politicians today, who seek only personal gain and a trick of fame, at the expense of American citizens.

Anonymous said...

Fun fact for you: Biden is still on camera bragging about withholding aid to Ukraine. Lol

Anonymous said...

And all Democrats and all Republicans should be sickened unto their souls by Robert McNamara. His apology does not make him a hero. Far from it. He was one of Kennedy's Whiz Kids who, it turns out, were more kids than whizzes.

Nobody ought to be the slightest bit concerned whether the odious Robert McNamara would approve.

Anonymous said...

I would say that you would give a shit, if the whistleblower raised questions about how you were handling your job based on a phone call he never heard, and it later turned out that this honorable fellow had apparently raised his complaint only because of political differences.

And what on earth are you saying was corroborated? The whistleblower's secondhand opinion of something he never directly experienced? Based on the same transcript we've all seen? And by whom exactly? Other party hacks?

Hence why now Schiff has changed his mind about Eric testifying. It would be even more of a laugh riot than today's hearings. :)

Anonymous said...

^^^Are you even following any of this? Lt Col. Vindman has first hand knowledge and has corroborated the WB. Fuck, even Mulvaney fucking corroborated the WB. I know logic and tying things together aren't a strong suit with cultists, but come the fuck on.

You can argue all you fucking want about the political affiliation of the WB but at this point it's moot.

And for the last goddamn time, they aren't fucking transcripts. It says Memo on the shit that the WH released. You know why? They've tucked away the word for word transcript in a secure server and aren't letting it see the light of day. Just like all the witnesses that are obstructing and not showing up. Really fucking transparent Trumptards....nothing to hide, huh? Innocent people refuse to testify all the time, yep!

The lying and obfuscation just never fucking ends with Trumpers.

Retro ROCKER said...

This blew up in the Democrats face. The American Voters see this is a Coup And yes Trump will be reelected in 2020, THE Democrats don't have a candidate that can win.,Trumps will have them for lunch during the debate. Twenty five thousand people show up at a Trump rally. Twenty Five at a Biden or Pocahontas want a be rally .

Anonymous said...

4:16: My family hates him more than I do. It's all I can do to keep them from shooting the television when he's on it.

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, thank Retro for the deep detailed analysis. Please, check back in tomorrow with some more of this informative news.

Anonymous said...

Then I pray for all of you. Hate is no way to live your life.

Anonymous said...

Clearly this has backfired on the Democrats.
Schiff lies saying he has no idea who the whistle blower is.
Google it and you will see it is Eric Ciaramella.
Hope he testifies what he thinks he heard from someone ... then watch the Democrats get exposed once again.

Anonymous said...

I can see you're upset. You should be; today's proceedings were a shit show. You sure you wanted this televised?

Anyway, you do a really bad job of responding to logic, like how Zelensky didn't feel pressured. You totally fail to engage with the substance of the whistleblower's motives, which are the heart and soul of the proceedings--a secondhand complaint from a party hack. Understandably, you stay miles away from Adam Schiff's lies about his contact with young Eric. The whole proceeding is corrupt on its face, one sided and partisan. Also probably irrelevant in the long run, as even if this 'impeachment' leaves the House, it does a quick, amusing death under real trial conditions. :)

And let's say that Vindman corroborates the whistleblower--what exactly did he corroborate? What is the crime? What did Mulvaney 'corroborate?' Sorry, wiggle as you will, you cannot escape the fact that the entire sorry, partisan mess is based on hearsay.

It's hilarious to me that those, like yourself, who are possessed of a singleminded, unreasonable hatred of Trump, immediately assume that anyone critical of the silly attempts to remove him must be a 'Trumper' or 'cultist', or whatever pet name is helping you cope today.

I'm center-left, still seeking a credible candidate. The Democratic party lost me in the last election, but I'm no fan of Trump.

But you've probably already burst a blood vessel, so I'll let that go.

What a comedy. How about the Democratic congressman today who claimed that hearsay is better than evidence?


Anonymous said...

Schiff...Vindman...Nadler ... all jewish ...Oy Vey!

Anonymous said...

^^ Center Left...sure buddy, sure. You gonna tell us you didn't vote for Trump too?

The crime is extortion. It goes like this, "Oh yeah, that aid that was approved, you'll get it when you go on CNN and say something about an investigation into my political adversary Joe Biden"

See, it's not hard to understand.

Call me crazy, I just would like a President, who acts Presidential. Not a guy who thinks he's the king of the country.

Like I said, the WB motives don't matter. His accusations have proven out. You choose not to believe veterans and career diplomats over a proven day in and day out liar. I feel sorry that you're such an easy mark for a conman.

Anonymous said...

@6:32, don't waste your time, you can't pull a fool away from his folly!

The Trumpuppets are still spouting the "no collusion" horseshit that they gladly lapped up as soon as Trump's butt dumped it, despite the FACT that the Mueller Report said the opposite (read it yourself) but said that his Commission was unsure that they could indict a sitting President.

That's what the GOP and their lying Media have warped into yet another "Big Lie" of "no collusion"! Jesus, the man's own son admitted under oath that he attempted collusion with Russian Agents, and his Campaign Director also swore that it happened, but the parrots still sing the "no collusion" aria.

Anonymous said...

Lock him up.

If Trump's not guilty, he can allow his staff to obey subpoenas and show up to testify about his innocence. He won't and they can't.

As Trump always said, only guilty people take the 5th.

Anonymous said...

I knew it! You're so possessed with hatred that you can't think clearly. Definitely didn't vote for Trump. Isn't it amazing how some people don't fit into your bipolar world view? :)

Anyway, enough fun. So your position actually is that the entirely partisan nature of not only the whistleblower, but the entire silly proceeding, just somehow doesn't matter. Ok sure. So you actually think that this sideshow of partisan politics actually has credibility? Wow. I think I will take you up on your invitation and call you crazy.

Anyway, the other problem you have to face is that there actually was massive corruption in the Ukraine. And, again, Joe Biden and his son were at the heart of it. Remember, Joe is still on camera bragging about manipulating Ukranian politics. And there was a witness today who stated that investigations began in 2015.

Add this to the list of things that don't matter to you:facts, evidence, and process that don't serve your nutty hatred. I mean, if you were to come out and just admit (as you basically have) that absolutely nothing matters to you but getting rid of Trump no matter what, that's a position I could understand.

But trying to make Russiagate part 2 look like anything resembling a reasoned, nonpartisan investigation of fact just makes you look silly. Just admit it. You really don't care about law, elections, or due process. You just hate Trump. It's ok. Lots of people do.

Going to go with you 100% on your self-assessment of mental illness, sport. ;)

Anonymous said...

but the senate will toss this out the window before shifty sniffles and granite peelousy can sit down in their chairs so....

In the end, it doesn’t mean a thing, another wasted year from the dimwits.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans continue to complain that the Democrats are just trying to overturn the results of the election through impeachment.

Yeah, brilliant argument.

I can't wait until Hillary is sworn in.

Anonymous said...

Um, Mueller's report actually says there was no collusion. Just checked it again. It said that when he released it, it said that in all the intervening months, and it said it thirty seconds ago. Cite your source, cause it ain't Mueller.

What's amazing to me is how you guys are still humping the collusion narrative. And if you want to talk about lying media, can we talk about the Post, the New York Times, and CNN?

I'm guessing not. Seek help, and read things before you quote them.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Uh, no it doesn't.

Fake, fake, fake.

Anonymous said...

It's not brilliant, it's the sad truth.

And I so hope Hillary runs. She definitely will; her megalomania will allow nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:08-

You will be waiting for eternity.

Democrats have no viable candidates and everyone knows it.

Even AOC has a gag order now... Dema hate her for portraying too far left.

Chris Wallace from Fox News said...

Fox News host Chris Wallace said that Ambassador William Taylor’s House testimony Wednesday was “very damaging” to President Donald Trump.

“I think that William Taylor was a very impressive witness and was very damaging to the president,” Wallace said. “First of all, as you pointed out, he took very copious notes at almost every conversation when he put quotes in his opening statement, he said those were direct quotes from what was said.”

Trump will be impeached by the House.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, did you cite a source?

Didn't think so. Next.

Anonymous said...

7:16 and others.

Impeachment doesn't overturn an election. Pence is next in line. Not Hillary.

The constitution has clear line of succession and Hillary isn't anywhere in it.

Trump defenders are morons.

Anonymous said...

"See, it's not hard to understand." It's apparently impossible for you to understand. Among nations, there is no such thing as extortion.

Anonymous said...

You dimwits aren’t very smart, your getting all hyped up just to be let down, the senate won’t vote to impeach, not sorry.

Anonymous said...

^^^ ouch, that ones gonna hurt! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

We'll see who is laughing last when several of those GOP senators lose their seats for voting to defend a criminal presidency.

The Senate goes blue in 2020.

Anonymous said...

Trumpers are dumb

Anonymous said...

You people just guaranteed that Trump will get re-elected in 2020! KAG!

Anonymous said...

Breaking news! The dimwits are admitting today’s proceedings bombed!

Did they mean the last three years of trash talking bombed as well!

Anonymous said...

Dems are funny guys!

At one point in Wednesday's hearing, Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., even appeared to embrace hearsay testimony, claiming that "hearsay can be much better evidence than direct" and that "countless people have been convicted on hearsay because the courts have routinely allowed and created, needed exceptions to hearsay."

That was Dems star witness. Ha ha. Dems are stupid. What have the accomplished in 4 years?

My 401k is doing awesome - no thanks to the libs. Losers!

Robert S. Mueller said...

No collusion 7:17? Bullshit. You want it cited? Here you go. There were hundreds of contacts and interactions which would be defined as colluding acts. They are described throughout the report.

Start with page 180.
C. Russian Government Outreach and Contacts
As explained in Section IV above, the Office's investigation uncovered evidence of numerous links (i.e., contacts) between Trump Campaign officials and individuals having or claiming to have ties to the Russian government...

Or any other place you like.
A. Campaign Period (September 2015 -November 8, 2016) .. 66
1. Trump Tower Moscow Project .. 67
a. Trump Tower Moscow Venture with the Crocus Group (2013-2014) .. 67
b. Communications with LC. Expert Investment Company and Giorgi Rtskhiladze (Summer and Fall 2015) .. 69
c. Letter of Intent and Contacts to Russian Government (October 2015January
2016) .. 70
i. Trump Signs the Letter of Intent on behalf of the Trump Organization .. 70
ii. Post-LOI Contacts with Individuals in Russia .. 72
d. Discussions about Russia Travel by Michael Cohen or Candidate Trump (December 2015-June 2016) .. 76
i. Sater' s Overtures to Cohen to Travel to Russia .. 76
ii. Candidate Trump's Opportunities to Travel to Russia .. 78

This goes on for another 125 pages...

For what it's worth, collusion isn't a legal term, so the report doesn't investigate that specifically as a legal matter and is explained. That's also why it doesn't state "no collusion".

However, more importantly, conspiracy was explored and 2 members of the campaign were indicted for it. Additional evidence against others was found but not refereed for further prosecution.

Now you tell me where it says "no collusion" in the report. Hint, it's not there. Now STFU.

Anonymous said...

So triggered. No conspiracy between Trump and Russia, therefore no collusion. Care to have another conniption about it?

Shall we simplify, since you struggle with language?

Mueller found no evidence that Trump or any aides coordinated with the Russian government's 2016 attempts to influence the election.

Sorry, that is what it says. :)

Care to melt down some more?

Anonymous said...

Also, 'colluding acts?' What in the world? Lol

Anonymous said...

Never claimed Hillary was in line. She definitely never will be.

Read much?

Anonymous said...


Those quoting the facts are "triggered? Your head is so far up Trump's ass you can't see reality. Cult members are the worst.

If you admit Hillary isn't going to be installed as president, then quit saying impeachment is overturning an election.

You also never cited where it says no collusion, but I shoved your face in over 100 pages of collusion with Russians. We see who has the problem with language and reading.

So for the final time, do yourself a favor and STFU.