Monday, November 04, 2019

Overland Park Sprint Jobs Slaughter Delayed

Local article on the upcoming DEVASTATION THAT AWAITS THE LOCAL ECONOMY and the flimsy reasons it's taking so long. Checkit:

Here Are The 'Weird' Reasons The Sprint-T-Mobile Merger Is Taking So Long

The singer in a cover band was belting a hip-hop song about the party being underway on the lawn of the Sprint campus when CEO Michel Combes got on stage. Combes told the Sprint employees gathered outside on a late June afternoon that they were celebrating the remodel of the company's headquarters at 6200 Sprint Parkway.


Anonymous said...

and yet, weird.

Anonymous said...

My contact already rolled out of there, but the friends and family stuff was gone years ago. I still carried my old SERO account for years despite not using it much. Heavily subsidized phones and a direct customer service line. WAC replaced it and benefits dropped. Now it's no better than what a bum off the street could get. Miss those days.