Saturday, November 09, 2019

Nick Di Paolo Jokes MLK Blvd Before His Kansas City Stand-Up Gig

Nick Di Paolo is a worthwhile journeyman comedian and he's also an Internets talker. Mr. Di Paolo's recent hot take on the Kansas City MLK Blvd vote is worth a peek for a lot of reasons but mostly because it offers a glimpse at a gut reaction and then a look at an irreverent reader understanding the underlying complexity of the vote.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Even this comic has the right perspective. You can clearly see that Save the Paseo is diverse and the wrong assertion that its mostly White doesnt establish that supporters of The Paseo is racist, exclusive of any diversity. Even this independent thinker can call bullshit on the failed attempt to brand the name change issue as racist. If that is the MLK supporters only argument, they should just go away.

Anonymous said...

As long as the revs KNOW that KCMO electeds are easily intimidated and rolled, they'll never go away.
There's always some new big deal to show how "important" they are and, if they play their cards right and maybe find the front front-man, there's even some taxpayers' money to be had.
The shakedown scheme has been going on a very long time and its past successes, both locally and throughout the country, will continue to encourage the local usual suspect grifters to keep right on going back to 12th and Oak.

Anonymous said...

Serious question:

How's that new inner city grocery store working out? Haven't heard much about it lately.