Missouri Guv Rejects Demands To Launch Investigation Into Creepy Period Tracking

The oddball database won't be entertained my Missouri's top politico despite progressive outcry on the lady public health surveillance . . . Read more:

Parson won't investigate health department's spreadsheet of patients' menstrual cycles

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Missouri Gov. Mike Parson says he won't launch an investigation into the state's health department after reports that the agency kept a spreadsheet tracking the menstrual cycles of women who sought abortions at Planned Parenthood.


  1. Hell yes he won't investigate, who do you think they were tracking them for?
    Governor's gotta have a hobby to relieve the stress of such a demanding Office!

    Greitens tied bimbos up, - Parson studies menstruation.
    That's why their Party is called the Greedy Old Perverts.

  2. I used to work at a south Overland Park I.T. consulting firm. We had a Hispanic female manager and we tracked her periods. Because she would go crazy and scream and yell and go off her rocker. We were afraid she would attack one of us at times. She hated a younger redhead in the office and took her wrath out on her. So we made sure we took vaca or were out during her periods. We had it tracked on the last page of our desk calendar. It was extremely unprofessional behavior and it was so odd that after her period was gone, she was not apologetic or aware she had even acted unprofessionally. The company finally brought someone in and kind of forced her out. We celebrated that day! Or should I say month!!!

  3. The entire story is yellow journalism bullshit. From NRO:

    Here’s what really happened. During the initial inspection of the Planned Parenthood clinic, Missouri officials were concerned that the state had not been receiving complication reports for failed surgical abortions, as required by law. To isolate such cases, a department investigator analyzed abortion reports filed by Planned Parenthood and identified 67 instances in which the same woman had multiple abortions during the same year. These data were then narrowed to identify a specific case in which a failed abortion was not reported by Planned Parenthood — a violation of state law.

    Only then was the case shared with Dr. Randall Williams, director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Per state law, this individual abortion report, like all other abortion reports, contained data on the patient’s last normal menses. Williams never possessed a spreadsheet of patient information, and no patient data were ever released. The doctor obtained data from one patient, data required to be included on her abortion report. This is far from the way that this information was portrayed in reporting on the hearing.

  4. ^^^ That's Parson's story, and he's going to stick with it!

  5. What is it with Old White Rural Men that makes them think they know best about a woman's body ? What a weirdo. So hope Nicole Galloway kicks his ass out of office next year.

  6. Parson's a lame duck from the start.


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