Low-Rent Counting Work: More Deets On Census Jobs Coming To Kansas City

Paying work wherein both libs & alt-right denizens can get paid for counting all of this town's illegal/undocumented immigrants . . . Rather than just using them for social media fodder. Read more:

Census Bureau Seeks 3,100 Workers for Kansas City-Area Count in 2020

Uncle Sam wants you! But this call to action is not from the military. Instead, it's from the U.S. Census Bureau, which is recruiting roughly 500,000 foot soldiers nationwide to help complete next year's population count. For the Kansas City area, the bureau estimates it will conservatively need as many as 3,100 temporary workers on both sides of the state line.


  1. I worked for the Census in 2009. Doing a shit job like that will turn anyone into a supporter of a Universal Basic Income.

  2. You can do this to supplement your scooter charging income.

  3. After that woman who worked for the census was kidnapped and killed -nobody should go door to door. Your going to know on the doors of hardened murderers. If your a woman......


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