Local Landlords Push Back KC Tenants & Proposed'Bill Of Rights' For One More Week

We'll have more on this later in the day but here's the news update as the social justice movement confronts local biz resistance. Take a look:

KC Tenant Bill of Rights held for another week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's housing committee voted to hold off on a tenant's bill of rights for another week. It comes after nearly four hours of testimony - at times emotional - on the need for this piece of legislation.


  1. Good for the landlords, tenants today are lowlife destructive scum who would tear up a concrete building.

  2. Why don't all those people just rent a place in Mission Hills or something?

  3. Kick them out before the bill takes effect. Board up the property and wait them out. Demand the bill be repealed if it ever passes. Time to play hardball with scumbags.

  4. This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. It better get rejected. Forcing someone to ignore rental history should be illegal and could be challenged in court

  5. The renters aren't going to be happy with the end result. A "bill of rights" sets out the path forward for both the renters and the landlords. Legal representation for the renters will expedite the eviction process ultimately.


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