Monday, November 04, 2019

KCPD Confront Suicide Trending Crisis

Local efforts talk legislation. Here's a more interesting headline:

Police officers vow to address cop suicide crisis: "Let's just all admit we're broken"

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KCPD supports tracking suicides nationally among law enforcement officers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Missouri's U.S. senators, Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley, have introduced a bill to track the number of law enforcement officers who take their own lives. Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith says he supports the legislation.


Springheel said...

A cop. The toughest of jobs. Constantly harrased by both media and the ones they are protecting. Is it no irony that the Centurion of Rome recognized Jesus as innocent and "the Son of God". That Centurion would be called a "pig" by the liars and sophists who represent the worst part of human nature that cops have to deal with every day. Because our standards have become so low, I fear that our Centurion pool will become of the weakest character--thus I fear that not only will they give in to worldly corruption, but they will seek a worldly way out when their character cannot take this world. Pray for those on the front line against evil. These soldiers need our spiritual support. If we don't have the "moxie" to be a cop , then we can at least enlist spiritual support for these heroes.

Anonymous said...

Thank Obama for making COPS a Hated Group . You know , the Division President of Hate- except mutants , criminals and deviants which he promoted.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ If he was what you say, then his tactics certainly worked with you, didn't they, Sparky?

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day what did a cop produce? Did they reduce crime? There's all these cop shows where major crimes were solved every week and the best one could hope in a day is to advert a traffic jam.