Kansas Civil Asset Forfeiture Examined

Here's a peek at police takeaways decried by liberty activists across the nation . . . The haul is EPIC and not always the product of the drug game. Take a peek:

KBI releases data on money, property seized from people across the state

New numbers from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation reveal part of how asset forfeiture is done in Kansas. That's when law enforcement takes cash or property from someone. Critics calls it theft. Supporters call it a tool to stop crime. "It has become a bigger issue nationally," said attorney Chris Joseph.


  1. Stealing money from crooks is bad? Sounds like karma to me.

  2. Yeah, but they steal money from non-crooks, and simply suspicious people too. Yeah, "most" people don't carry around $10k, but I know old folk that do. Civil asset forfeiture is one of the most corrupt practices within the arena of law enforcement. Bottom line, if you're arrested for a crime but not convicted, then you should get stuff back. If you're not even arrested at a police interaction they shouldn't be allowed to take anything, but they do.

  3. 12:01 got it right

  4. Nothing worse than jackbooted thug cops who answer to no one stealing private property. As private citizens we should sue them for 1000 times the value of the property stolen and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the laws they burden the population with which benefit the control state exclusively to the detriment of all of us

  5. Put that cash on a Debit Card THE cops take money from innocent people. But if you hit it big at the Casino .They will still keep it. Even if you have a document that you paid taxes On the winnings. IT IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY.


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