Kansas City Workers Railroaded

Aftermath of recent layoffs lamented as life grows harder for the American working class . . . Checkit:

Workers to call attention to layoffs at KCMO rail yard

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tuesday morning, members of the will host an "informational demonstration" about layoffs coming to a rail yard in Kansas City, Missouri. Last month, 41 Action News learned Union Pacific was scaling back operations at the Neff Yard near Interstate 435 and Front Street.


  1. MAGA!! Trump's economy! Everybody loses!

  2. The Railroad Unions for quite some time have known that the companies wanted to reduce workforce. Trains us to have 5 crew members then came the elimination of the caboose. Slowly the manpower on a train dwindled down to two. With advances to technology, trains can now operate remotely without anyone on board.The Unions have allowed this as long as senior union members were taken care of in the short term. Dont cry now SMART

  3. Trains could be run by robots. No need for crews. Take your bloated retirement and go away.


  4. always good to see Democrat greedy union slobs getting shit-canned.


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