Monday, November 11, 2019

Kansas City Veterans Day Snow Day?!?!

Reporting targeting the middle-class offers insight into the minds of housewives who are more concerned with navigating their SUV and consumer goods above all else . . . Check the forecast and realize it probably won't be that bad and NO . . . KANSAS CITY VETERANS DAY HAS NOT BE SNOWED OUT!!!

Still there's reason to be careful: Wintry mix brings chance of slick roads to Monday metro commute

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Snow likely on Veterans Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Veterans Day will likely have some snow, and the timing of this snow is important for whether or not there will be school closings. Government employees get the day off, but most schools are in session. This is a fast-moving storm system that likely will produce around a three- to five-hour period of snow.

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Super Dave said...

The pussies in county government in the golden ghetto area canceled their event last week for the veterans. Said it would be too cold. I guess they are too good to stand in the cold for a few minutes paying tribute to those who froze sitting in trenches so they the elected pussies could stay all warm and cozy as they ignore what this day really means.