Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Kansas City Tuesday Morning News Look

This morning we're inspired by hottie Lindsey to start with more than a handful of important community and pop culture news. Take a a peek:

KCK Double Gunfire Injures Adult & Youngster Overnight

2 injured in KCK shooting Monday night

A juvenile and an adult were injured in a shooting in Kansas City, Kansas, on Monday night, police said.Police were called at 7:24 p.m. to the 2200 block of Birch Drive.Authorities said the victims have non-life-threatening injuries. A juvenile and an adult were injured in a shooting in Kansas City, Kansas, on Monday night, police said.

Action Against Local Company With More Subscriber Deet

Kansas City Life overcharged policy fees, class action claims - Kansas City Business Journal

A Kansas City Life Co. client filed a class-action lawsuit accusing the life insurance provider of charging fees in excess of the limits outlined in its contract. Plaintiff J. Gregory Sheldon bought a Flexible Premium Variable Life Insurance Contract Nonparticipating policy from Kansas City Life in December 2000.

Retail Is Dead But We Forgot To Tell These Developers

New timeline for Bluhawk development revealed

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Real estate's golden rule of location, location, location, is turning into entertainment, entertainment, entertainment for retail establishments, according to analysts at Kansas City, Missouri-based Newmark Grubb Zimmer. Developers have caught on. Instead of having a Dillard's or Target anchor Bluhawk in southern Overland Park, Kansas, Price Brothers is building a multi-sports complex and arena to draw shoppers to its development.

Old School Recovery

Former Chiefs QB Alex Smith's wife posts touching video sharing recovery

The 35-year-old Washington Redskins quarterback broke his right tibia and fibula during a game in November 2018 and needed multiple operations. On Monday, one year since the injury, his wife shared a moving video on Instagram filled with pictures of her Smith's recovery.

Instagram Dedication

Model Lindsey Pelas' Nude Pics Leaked By Same Hackers Who Targeted Demi Lovato

Pelas' Twitter account taunted that it was "hacked," and even tagged the platform's CEO, Jack Dorsey in the messages. The hackers, who were spewing hateful racist language, also made a threat to the White House . . .

Free The Nipple: Social Media Coverage Controversy

Facebook Has One Big Boob Problem

Dozens of activists plopped a giant inflatable boob outside Facebook's London headquarters to protest the platform's restrictions on depictions of nudity, the BBC reported Friday. They were led by Vicky Martin, a medical tattoo artist who specializes in recreating the appearance of areolas on those who have undergone a mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment.

Hong Kong Teachable Moment

Police surround last holdouts at Hong Kong university

HONG KONG (AP) - About 100 anti-government protesters remained holed up at a Hong Kong university Tuesday, unsure what to do next as food supplies dwindled and a police siege of the campus entered its third day.

Prez Trump Anti-Climax

Trump teases impeachment testimony amid scandal fatigue

A new plot twist to kick off the second week of impeachment hearings: President Trump might testify! Don't hold your breath. Trump is a master showman who knows that dangling the possibility of such a dramatic move will launch a thousand cable debates.

Mistake Double Take

Brides receive 'do-over' after hair, makeup artist no shows

PLATTE CITY, Mo. - Brides in the metro had a chance to redo one of the biggest days of their lives after a hair and makeup artist for their weddings. Kelsey Clawson was one of the brides who hired Annie De Vol Artistry for her special day at the end of July.

KCMO Laundry Life Lesson

How washers & dryers in KC schools make a major impact - and how you can help

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There aren't many pieces of equipment, at any school anywhere, that can make a dramatic impact on attendance, test scores and the overall self-esteem of students. But teachers say it's happening at more and more schools all across the metro.

Perfect Village Middle-Class Help Save The Planet

Prairie Village approves curbside compost, glass-pickup pilot program

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Mo. - Homeowners in Prairie Village will soon have the opportunity to try out several environmentally friendly curbside programs in 2020. Monday, the City Council approved a six-month pilot program, which would start in February and last through the end of July.

Kansas City Autumn Concludes

Highs will be in low 60s for your Tuesday


Khalid - Talk is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Double up news. Gunfire and disappointment in KC.

I guess Lindsey was supposed to cheer us up? Almost worked!

Anonymous said...

If you think that fat orange fascist Trump is going to voluntarily testify I have a bridge to sell you. He is incapable of telling the truth. He knows it, his lawyers know it, and Republicans know it. I would bet my house on him not testifying.

Anonymous said...

Thee are similarities and differences in the cases of the nude pictures of Demi Lovato and Lindsey Pelas that were leaked ti the Internet by hackers.

For example, there were actually viewers of the Demi Lovato pictures.

Anonymous said...

Bluhawk - yet another Developer trying to bring hockey into the Kansas City area on the taxpayer's dime (or rather hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Tells is like it is said...

lt is obvious that really ignorant, ranting posts such as that at 6:27 come from folks who have no skin in their economic situation. My 401K, like most, has gone thru the roof thanks to President Trump. Across the board, the economy is flourishing, again, due to his cutting red tape and getting the non-elected dimwits out of the loop, to their indignant and everlasting outrage. People who scream and rant are mostly folks who need the gubmnt to support and coddle them because they are unable to make viable choices. They hope and pray Lizzy or one of her tribe come the their rescue and redistribute middle-class wealth to them. SOCIALISM HAS FAILED EVERYWHERE IT HAS BEEN TRIED, yet our so-called educators are brainwashing our young into thinking it is a viable economic structure. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Trump testifying....laughable. Just like he was going to release his taxes. Whod'a thunk it, a guy touting his transparancy is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

I see the surgeon left Ms. Pelas with a bit of a narrow breathing tube for processing cocaine.

Anonymous said...

Seek help

Anonymous said...

So mad because the latest hoax failed, lol

Anonymous said...

8:06: So our only choice is Trump or socialism? Wake up. There's a real world outside your trailer.

Ule Gibbons said...

So Perfect Village is going to test compost and glass pick up. In Lenexa we have been doing compost pick up since 2012, not glass thoough. The program starts in April and goes through December and is used widely. It's about time PV got on board with helping to save the planet.

Anonymous said...

8:06 with the Fox buzzword-Socialism. Way to out yourself as an unthinking cult member.