Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Kansas City Truman Medical Center Fight For Healthcare Worker Union Rights Persists

Our blog community BROKE THIS STORY FIRST and now here's worthwhile follow-up coverage regarding the ongoing struggle of highly skilled urban core workers against management backed up by KCMO taxpayer cash . . .

Truman Medical Center lab and tech workers are still fighting for a union

Emily Park When Shannon Carpenter started working at Truman Medical Center 18 months ago, she noticed stark differences from her former place of employment, where she and her co-workers were represented by a union. "It was really hard for me coming into Truman after leaving a union environment," says Carpenter, who's a laboratory assistant in the specimen receiving department.


Anonymous said...

health insurance companies need to be the bloated middlemen that go away. The medical insurance coding degree can be replaced by the hospital coding degree.

Anonymous said...

there is no private vs public insurance, only private and public hospitals both receiving private and public money.