Kansas City Transit Activist Clay Chastain: 'Give No Thanks' For City Hall!!!

A timely missive from this town's most prolific activist . . .

Clay Chastain: Give no thanks to the abuse of power - overcome it.

In Kansas City, those who covet power are abusing power while the problem's of Kansas City go unresolved.

226 days have now passed without the City Council taking any action to place before voters a valid petition initiative that was... signed by 2,700 KC voters, found sufficient by the KC City Clerk and designed to uplift our City by solving some of its most staggering problems. None of that matters to the City Council because it is Clay Chastain's vision - not theirs. Who, is more important than what. Control, is more important than ideas. Power, is more important than Democracy.

The City's strategy is to act like the petition initiative does not exist.

With the notable exception of tonyskansascity, their underhanded scheme is being abetted by an indifferent local media led by the Kansas City Star. The City Council does not want to recognize and respect a plan from the people (to turn our City around) even though the City has no such similar plan of its own. Last week I issued a series of press releases outlining (in brief) the petition's vision and there has not been one scintilla of response from the City Council or MSM challenging, or even acknowledging, that vision. It is a terrible thing to ignore the people, waste their petition initiative and hold back their innovative ideas to improve Kansas City just because of the City's need to maintain power and control.

From the beginning, civilization has been slowed by those who more want to rule the roost than see civilization's problems fixed. Similarly here, those in power seek to suppress a petition initiative because its liberating ideas (to release a City from its confinement) do not further empower them or provide them adulation.

This Thanksgiving, give no thanks to this waste and abuse of power. Rather, overcome it by contacting your
Council representative and demand the City Council let us vote by placing the people's petition initiative ("Save our City") before voters.

Kansas City Community Activist, Clay Chastain

You decide . . .


  1. Correction no thanks for Kansas Shitty Hall.


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