Kansas City Thursday News Collection

Hottie Kim inspires us to compile a quick collection of news links and pop culture items. Checkit:

Kansas City Fashionable Hobo Help Amid Harsh Weather

Shelter KC helping Kansas City homeless find relief during holidays, cold weather

A local rescue mission is working to help people dealing with homelessness, especially in cold temperatures. KMBC 9's Martin Augustine is focusing on Shelter KC.To better reach people in the community, the shelter is doing something different this Thanksgiving - it's offering delivery.

Library Upgrades Cataloged

PHOTOS: A status update on Mid-Continent Public Library's renewal - Kansas City Business Journal

Mid-Continent Public Library is humming along on its $113 million capital improvement plan, which includes $86 million in construction costs. Check out pages of photos from a few of the completed projects and get an update from library system leaders.

Kansas Smoke Crackdown

Kansas Board of Education looks to ban all vaping products

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- In September, we told you about a teen suffering from lung issues because of vaping and the Kansas high school student sat down with us to share the scary reality. Now, the state's Board of Education is one step closer to protecting students.

KC T-Shirt Game Flex

Tiki Bar T-Shirt Club revives now-closed beachy haunts, celebrates era of the side hustle

Tiki Bar culture is a quirky niche for a Kansas City-based side hustle, admitted Bryan Azorsky, but rapidly evolving online tools that eliminate middlemen help make such passions profitable and scalable. "I think the future is really people having more than one job in a way.

Warlord Relics Shared Locally

More than 300 13th century artifacts from Genghis Khan on display at Union Station

Genghis Khan has invaded Union Station. "Genghis Khan: Bringing the Legend to Life," the latest exhibition to open at Union Station, transports guests around the globe and back eight centuries to witness how a once-feared leader that serves today as a model of innovation, tolerance and pride to a vast population of the world.

#TBT DM Scare

O.J Simpson Sent a Weird Message to the Kardashian Sisters: What Was It?

There is some history between the Kardashian's and O.J Simpson it seems. Just recently, Simpson ran into one of the Kardashian's friends, Chaban and asked him to send the sisters a message from him. It was both weird and random. What was that message and why did he send it to the Kardashian sisters in the first place.

Instagram Hottie Instruction Offered

Kim Kardashian shared photos of times she 'taped up' her breasts to show people how to use her new body tape

Kim Kardashian West announced this week that her shapewear line, Skims, would launch two new products: body tape and pasties. In posts on Twitter announcing the new products, set to go on sale Thursday on the Skims website, Kardashian West described the tape and pasties as being made of a sweatproof, stretchy material.

Celebs Waste Resources

Kardashian family shares video of food fight, fans criticize them for wasting food: 'Makes me cringe'

The Kardashian family is getting backlash on social media after Khloe posted a promo for the upcoming episode of their reality show that features the wealthy family engaging in a food fight. The scene is set to air on the upcoming episode of " Keeping Up With The Kardashians," but Khloe posted a preview on Instagram that got her followers quite fired up.

Check JoCo Street Tech

Smart road technology could be coming to Lenexa

LENEXA, Kan. - Kansas City, Missouri-based Integrated Roadways said it wants to bring smart technology to some roadways in Lenexa. The "smart pavement" infrastructure would include sensors and networking in each slab of the roadway, collecting data in real time.

Kansas City Football Prep

Chiefs staying in KC to prepare for high-altitude Mexico City game

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - The Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers are taking two very different approaches to training for the elevation in Mexico City. While the Chargers have taken their training this week to Colorado to adapt to the altitude, the Chiefs are staying put in Kansas City, with a business as usual approach but with an added emphasis on hydration, carbs and no alcohol.

New School Country Select Kansas City For More Shows

Zac Brown Band extends spring tour and adds KC to the list

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Country group Zac Brown Band announced Thursday that they are adding dates to The Owl Tour, and on that list is Kansas City. The band will play at Sprint Center Thursday, April 16. The show will feature special guests Amos Lee and Poo Beer.

Fall Forecast For Now

Temps climb into the 50s Friday, this weekend


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