Kansas City Saturday Night News Game

Our Saturday night starts with hottie Nikki and this consideration of pop culture and somewhat nicer community news. Checkit:

Kansas City Winning Biz Dude Shares Life Lessons

Entrepreneur of the Year: Michael Rea says building a startup takes a 'strong stomach'

The road to startup success isn't a clear path for anyone, acknowledged Michael Rea, and it takes a founder's persistence to reach his or her desired destination. "Many people set out on an entrepreneurial journey, but few complete it," Rea, founder and CEO of Rx Savings Solutions , told a crowd gathered Friday night for the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Henry W.

Farm Fortunes Fade Amid Trade War Seyz Fed

Third-quarter farm incomes fell in central U.S. despite Trump trade aid

Farm finances deteriorated across a swath of agricultural states during the summer and early fall despite the Trump administration's second round of trade aid payments and slightly higher prices, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City reported Thursday.

Sleaze Scummit Police Search For Good Old Boys

Photos released in Lee's Summit theft investigation

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- Police are looking for two people in connection with a theft investigation -- and they have clear and distinct photos to share. Take a look at these photos that appear to have come from a Lee's Summit Walmart.


Caught on video: Sports store robbed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Surveillance video caught a thief using a sledge hammer to smash his way into a Liberty, Missouri, sports card store. Thousands of dollars in trading cards featuring Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill were gone in just minutes early Friday morning at KC's Finest Sports Cards and Memorabilia, 943 W.

Adulting Instruction Explained

Kansas State among colleges offering 'adulting' classes for life skills. Professors say student's aren't to blame

MANHATTAN, Kan. - Many students entering college haven't mastered basic life skills such as changing a tire or balancing a checkbook, so some universities are responding with noncredit workshops sometimes called "Adulting 101." Kansas State University in Manhattan offers a series that teaches practical skills.

Online Flesh Trade Disrupted

PayPal turns off payments to Pornhub models

PayPal has turned off payments to Pornhub's models - a move that's left honchos at the adult video website hot and bothered. "Following a review, we have discovered that PornHub has made certain business payments through PayPal without seeking our permission. We have taken action to stop these transactions from occurring," PayPal said in an emailed statement.

Pr0n Choices Debated

Rolling Stone: Men Who Abstain From Porn Are Dangerous Alt-Righters - The American Conservative

There's a scene in The Big Lebowski in which The Dude bitterly objects that the pornographer Jackie Treehorn, viewed by the local sheriff as an upstanding citizen who "draws a lot of water" in Malibu, "treats objects like women, man."

Hearing Sexy Sounds

Audio Porn Streams Erotica to Your Ears-and Your Imagination

Caroline Spiegel drags her mouse and pulls the audio scrubber from left to right on the screen. The track, "Good Morning," features 24 minutes of whispers, kisses, and moans. "This is called a snuggle fuck," she explains. "It's where people cuddle and fuck."

JoCo Po-Po Head Check

Overland Park Police host mental health symposium

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Overland Park Police Department wants residents to know there is help for those trying to manage mental health issues. "At every shift, we have some call related to a mental health component," Officer Justin Shephard said. The department provides resources to the community through its crisis intervention team.

Creative Biz Experiences

KCAI Sponsored Studio Provides Business with Art Services - KC STUDIO

When UMB Financial Corp. wanted streetscape art to illustrate space it was providing for the School of Economics, a nonprofit that teaches children about business, it contacted the Kansas City Art Institute.

Accounting For Artsy Life

By The Numbers: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - In Kansas City

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is one of the metro's crown jewels. Besides holding court for countless exhibitions over the years, the museum just announced that the city's beloved (and nearly defunct) Tivoli Theater would reopen at the Nelson. We caught up with Kathleen Leighton, the museum's manager of media relations and video production, to...

KC Cold Front Forecast

Garry's Forecast: A Bit More Breezy

Less chilly this morning but a little bit more breeze. That's going to pick up the rest of the day with temperatures headed for the mid 50s again. A cold front arrives Sunday morning with a few showers possible. Otherwise, we'll remain relatively dry and above normal temperature wise.

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  1. Local winners and losers without the first part of that equation?

  2. Clear to see those in Overland Park don't really give a crap about mental health illness unless it's their kid trying to kill a cop.

    Very poor turn out for something that so many claim is not being addressed.

  3. The way Overland Park handles mental health issues? The cops drive them over to Missouri. Seriously.

  4. I recognize one of those Walmart thieves.
    The one guy has my dick in his mouth right now.


    Against all odds, every time Nikki reveals a pair, she wins hands-down!!!


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