Kansas City Saturday Crime Scene

Quick glimpse at a collection of metro stories regarding alleged misdeeds, court cases, police action and all manner of of local conflict involving law enforcement . . .

Local Lady H Guilty In OD

Kansas City woman admits selling heroin used in man's death

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 50-year-old Kansas City woman has admitted selling heroin to a Kansas man who later died of an accidental overdose. Valerice Ealom pleaded guilty Thursday to distributing heroin. She admitted that she sold heroin two days in a row in June 2016 to a man identified in court documents as "J.B."

Cold Case Testimony

'That's just your worst dream': Metro mom hoping for new tips to solve son's 2018 murder

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An Edwardsville mother is hoping that the public will come forward and provide new leads in her son's murder case. Alexander "K.C." Gillespie, 20, was found shot to death March 11, 2018 in KCK. His white SUV had crashed into the Forest Glen Apartment complex in the 6300 block of Tauromee Avenue.

Family Outcry After Jackson County Double Jeopardy Walk

Independence family wants answers after murder charges dropped

In May of 2017, police found 57-year-old Holly Barnett killed in her Independence, Missouri home.Police said she was beaten to death with a baseball bat.Courtney Hackney was arrested and charged with Barnett's murder, but this week Hackney was released from jail because of a technicality.The case went to trial in 2018, but the jury did not reach a unanimous verdict.

Kansas City Author Takes On Congressional Revenge Pr0n Controversy And Resignation

I'm so Disappointed by Nancy Pelosi's Response to Katie Hill's Resignation

In a press conference following Rep. Katie Hill's final floor speech yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked what she thought of Hill's resignation. Her immediate answer was perfunctory, saying only that it was Hill's decision to make. And that's definitely where she should have stopped.

More Deets On The Dotte

After investigation, prosecutors to decide on charges in Wyandotte County jail incident

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Wyandotte County officials say a criminal investigation into a September incident at the county jail is now finished. But they still aren't saying what happened at the jail that day. Sheriff Don Ash held a press conference Friday afternoon to offer a statement and a few updates, but not a lot of details.

Prison Complex Perspective

Man getting more than $3 million for wrongful imprisonment for 39 years, reflects on system

Maryland has awarded five men, who collectively spent 120 years behind bars, a total of $9 million for the time they served for crimes for which they were eventually exonerated.Walter Lomax served 39 years and a day for a murder he did not commit.

Show-Me Plan Against Crime

Mayors lay out priorities for battling crime in Missouri

Mayors from four of Missouri's largest cities met Friday at Daniel Boone City Building to address how to make communities safer through three strategic areas of focus. Mayor Brian Treece outlined the three areas the mayors have been focusing on in their meetings: Witness security: The mayors want to make sure law enforcement officers have the ability to safeguard witnesses, both at the scene of the crime and leading up to a trial.

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