Sunday, November 17, 2019

Kansas City Restaurant FAIL This Week

Roundup of foodie closures and longtime faves going the way of the dinosaur . . . Checkit:

Several KC restaurants face bankruptcy, eviction

Multiple Kansas City landmark restaurants are struggling to stay open, facing eviction and bankruptcy. Fred P. Ott's had been on a month-to-month lease since January, according to court records and its lease expired at the end of October. "We're not going to leave as long as we can keep coming here and clocking in," said Chloe Henington, the manager of Fred P.


Anonymous said...

Common denominator: Haddad!

Evidence, look at Winsteads. Check out the building on Roe, the exterior tile started falling, has since had many pieces of it removed with no repair Haddad doesn't appear reinvest in his restaurants. This iconic brand is likely headed the way of P Ott's and the rest of them.

Shame on Nabil

Anonymous said...

Kansas City doesn't support good restaurants and the end result is subpar restaurants and subpar experiences. Fine dining isn't a thing in Kansas City. Without question, quantity over quality in Kansas City and the result is very poor quality food. The last visit to the "best" Italian restaurant resulted in food enough to feed a family of four.

Anonymous said...

Use to be some great places to eat around here but not anymore. Dumps like Chuy's come along and disappear just as fast. Crappy places that have no idea what good food is.

Super Dave said...

Yes Chuy's in Olathe is already closed and no great loss for sure.

Anonymous said...

Come on - Fred P. Otts has been around 50 years, isn't it time for them to update?

There are restaurants doing quite well in KC, some of which have been open as long or longer than Otts. What do they have in common?
Reliably good food at affordable prices and acceptable service.

If the Restaurant Association really feels the way they say about the KC Dining Public, they'd better brace themselves, because they're doomed, and so are any of their members who buy into the "quantity over quality" crap they are trying to argue with.

Kathy said...

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Anonymous said...

Places like Winstead’s are KC icons and I hope they stay in business, but the owners do need to invest in cleaning and repairs. The location on the Plaza is downright nasty. They need to close down for a weekend and do a major clean, repaint, etc.

Anonymous said...

@10:27, what part of "Haddad" don't you understand?