We intend to cover BOTH SIDES of this debate.

Yesterday FIRST BEFORE ANY OTHER LOCAL MEDIA OUTLET, we highlighted the IMPACT of pending tenant legislation on public safety and the rental biz.

Today, our readers share a street level perspective . . . Take a look:

TKC READER: KC Tenants And The Return Of Civic Leadership

It appears the first reaction to KC Tenants is they want to regulate that house that grandma left you for rental income? In reality that’s not the case with over half the Kansas City population now renting month to month. Today, I saw a notice from a 70 year old couple who’s furnace went out in 20 degree weather and their landlord lives in Australia?

What is the cost to our city and community to risk elderly people using space heaters to keep warm?

How many apartment buildings have caught fire and how many apartment buildings have been replaced lately? Housing is a public health issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

A LOCAL PROPERTY COMPANY owns about 1500 apartments in the metro area but they have virtually no maintenance staff? That’s because upkeep on rentals dip into profits and those profits are off the backs of working people, disabled people and the elderly who need the protection.

Back to the renter who inherited grandma’s house they use for rental income. The reason why there is no protection for small business happened back in the mid 1970’s. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protected small business from chain stores and other monopolies. When the FTC moved towards Consumer Protection the US lost it’s civic leadership and the lobbyist moved in and took over. In came Walmart and big box retail.

Now we are dealing with monsters like Facebook who are not business leaders but “political leaders” affecting our elections.

KC Tenants is nothing revolutionary other than they’ve managed to organize a broad base coalition fighting for the rights of others.

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  1. Good point about the property management companies.

    Most of them are not even in Kansas City and don't want to be held accountable whatsoever. The problem for me is the background checks. Sorry but I don't want a rapist living next to some old lady who is vulnerable.

    This legislation is problematic and very few people are covering it. They just write off the details and it'll become law without any real public discussion. That's dangerous.

  2. Free rent for everyone!

  3. No, @9:02, but how about decent housing for everyone?
    That work for you?

  4. There is plenty of "decent" (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) housing available.

  5. "A LOCAL PROPERTY COMPANY owns about 1500 apartments in the metro area but they have virtually no maintenance staff? That’s because upkeep on rentals dip into profits and those profits are off the backs of working people, disabled people and the elderly who need the protection."

    Then site and fine the owners under statutes available and leave small business owners alone.

    All of this ridiculous Pie In The Sky horseshit sounds great on paper, but in the real world, you end up beholding to a DMV type City Employee who thinks, especially after they had a fight with their spouse, that they are "Righting Wrongs" and think PEX is a candy dispenser and a Busbar is a cool place to go pick up chicks if your car is broke down.

    The now in place, onerous crucibles placed on Landlords when they have to evict drug addled, free loading Democrats from rental houses is considerable. Denying the Landlord the ability to vet prospective renters is another, Socialist sop from local Democrat/Socialist politicians that is designed to acquire votes at the expense of the middle class.

    1. It's "cite," chuckles. Check your dogeared thesaurus for details.

  6. The biggest problem kc has with rentals is....... destructive blacks, there, I said it. 99% of these blacks have been kicked out of every decent rental unit known to man why? Because they destroy everything that’s why and then complain to the media about poor conditions, they created the poor conditions to begin with and now that they have no other options they want the city and the media to do something about it. This is one of the many reasons why they need background checks so the landlord can protect their property.

  7. Don't forget the white trash 9:18.

  8. Gib me free housing.

  9. These KC Tenant activists should learn how to scoop up cheap properties to flip for profit. Then they will be able to afford their very own tax abated luxury residence and be their own boss/landlord.

  10. I won't deny there are some bad landlords. But there are many more good ones than there are bad. Go to any local courthouse any given day of the week and see how many landlords are in court seeking evictions and back pay for months of rent due. Rentals on a whole are not huge money making adventures for most landlords. Taxes, cost of buying the property, insurance and other costs really take a bite out of your so called fee you collect per month. Some months it won't cover it at all. Case in point my investment in rental property netted myself and partners just a shade onder $100 for 2018. So far this year we the owners are in the hole based on a cash call for a new roof on one building. Your space sitting empty kills any chance for profit that year. Someone destroying your property skipping on owing back rent for sure kills any profit. Only way you get ahead in the property rental game on your investment is when you flip the property if current values stay in place. Sure there are some tax write offs but you also have to pay someone to figure out all the paperwork to get those tax right offs. I have a friend who does okay with 7 houses he has in JOCO but he got them handed to him after the death of his Dad so these places were acquired at a lower cost than most have to pay for property. He still isn't getting rich quick by any means as he has rolled what profit he has back into the places on upgrades that his ailing father wouldn't mess with doing.

    This landlord thing is like the gun issue. Those who do right always have to suffer for those who won't do right when it should be the other way around. You destroy a man's place you should go to jail but our courts won't have that for some reason they like to stay in the neutral zone on the rulings in short try not to be the bad guys while telling someone with a huge history of not paying their bills to pay their bills with no penalties or threat of jail time if they don't.

  11. Address the "home owners associations" too...

    The local home owners association collects from 50% of the home owners and files liens against the other 50% of the home owners and 100% of the proceeds are "compensation" for the efforts to collect the HOA dues. The neighborhood sign was painted last year at a cost of $20 worth of paint and the president of the home owners association is requesting an increase in dues due to the increased costs of "collections". Neither the city nor the county have time or resources to be bothered due to the "crime".

  12. The resources are there. If you make a request for KC Tenants to do a full audit of the 1.6 BILLION DOLLAR ANNUAL TAX REVENUE then KC Tenants can do that too!

  13. The fact that commenters are not concerned about renters using space heaters to heat their homes at night should set off alarm bells.

  14. "Fighting for the rights of others", they're not from around here?

  15. 11:28, it means they are paying their electric bill but not their gas bill. The alarm bell reminds them to keep current on both.

  16. If the tenant cannot afford to pay the rent, the landlord cannot afford...

    Details. Where to send the invoice? Does the City of Kansas City ever run out of money? Fix the infrastructure and stop distracting with human interest stories.

  17. Ok, Cyborb Church Giggles. The human suffering is no longer a political issue around here. We don't see poverty we just extract the resources through rents. Police terror becomes the social safety net. As long as we maintain a polite demeaner.

  18. I don't pay taxes to pay other people's rent. No the money isn't there to pay other people's rent.

  19. Amazon did not pay taxes last year. Hobby Lobby got 700k from the COMBAT Budget for free? Maybe you don't understand how governments run?

  20. No wonder Jeff Bezos is posting anonymously in the comment section.


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