Friday, November 29, 2019

Kansas City Public Library Next Chapter

For those who haven't seen this one yet, here's a nice glimpse about the library transition from book depository to event space at this resource hopes to transition away from a dusty hobo hangout to something more useful . . . Checkit:

A Year After Library Levy Passes, We Look to Our Next Chapter

One year ago, voters overwhelmingly approved an 8-cent increase in the Library's property tax-based operating levy - the first adjustment to the rate in 22 years. Thanks to that support and funding, the Library has been doing even more for the people we serve.


Anonymous said...

Buy more books. Too often the books I want are not available at KC Public Library but are at Mid Continent and or JoCo.

Anonymous said...

They should have a stink meter at the entrance. You stink, you don't get in.

Anonymous said...

Libraries have turned into free movie rental outlets, free computers for game-playing, and a place to sleep or eat for poor people. Books are seldom checked out in most locations.

Anonymous said...

Good reason for you to stay home.