Kansas City Pet Adoption Discount Weekend

Chance to buy a friend for the holidays from a group that still owes KCMO taxpayers a few million bucks . . . Here's the nice news. Take a look:

Adopt a cat or dog from KC Pet Project for half off this weekend

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Some families are skipping the mall this Black Friday and heading to the shelter instead. Starting today, you can help clear KC Pet Project shelters by finding the perfect pet for half price. Sometimes it's hard for a reporter to concentrate with a cute cat in their lap.


  1. Human beings suck.

  2. If the only way you can afford a pet is half price day at the shelter, you cannot afford a pet. Focus on eliminating the parade of discarded pets to the shelters. The "owners" need to be held accountable. The stray dogs and cats need to be collected and addressed appropriately. The wild bird populations are decimated by the outdoor cats. Keep the cats inside or face a high price.

  3. ^^^Leave my pussy alone, you big jerk!

  4. "The wild bird populations are decimated by the outdoor cats"

    Oh bullshit you brainwashed imbecile. Jump off a building and do everyone a favor. Thanks.


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