Kansas City The Paseo Week In Review

Veteran newsies, newbie newsies and barely newsies attempt to clean up opinions that are more accurately expressed via social media . . . Take a look:

"Nick Haines, Jay Senter, Micheal Mahoney, Mary Sanchez and Dave Helling discuss voters approving the reversal of the Paseo/MLK name change, biggest winners and losers in area elections, first 100 days for Mayor Lucas, KC Ballet removing inappropriate costumes from Nutcracker, Chiefs fans debate over tomahawk chop, Missouri tracking menstrual cycles of Planned Parenthood patients and more."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Killer Shitty Week In Review

  2. Yes no doubt the TKC community watches this show because these panelists and guests are their class and everything.

  3. The big story this month is the communist KC Star editorial board.

    They want Chiefs’ fans to drop the Tomahawk Chop.

    Chiefs fans to it as an honor and it’s 110% positive!

    The Commie- left-wing-radical-stock-nosediving-out-of-touch-clueless-clowns-Volvo-driving-Kale-eating-Nancy-Pelosi-loving-MAGA-hating imposters are doubling down on losing more readers.

    Chiefs’ fans would rather pound sand than take the editorial advice of those ninnies.

    Okay Boomers.

  4. Nick Haines, Jay Senter, Micheal Mahoney, Mary Sanchez and Dave Helling discuss hydraulics, breakfast burritos, tat shops, sneakers, and wheels.

  5. What is this and who are these people?

  6. Nick looks like a Chimp in that top picture.

  7. 6:37 AM These are your local chattering class icons.

    Just move here from D.C.? Good luck.

  8. Treason: anyone against the Tomahawk Chop

  9. A Moment of Your Time Please11/9/19, 7:08 AM

    Senter? Why would anyone invite that idiot on to their show to hear his extreme right thoughts is beyond me. Remember this is a dud who with a fellow reporter attacks a lady a lady in public one day then denies it ever happened then hides behind his wife when the shit got real. Nick Haines you should be ashamed of yourself for ever having that ass on your show. But then you had Sanchez and Helling on so idiots and losers must be the sort you like hanging with.

  10. Too bad the guys from Wayne's World had another gig and weren't available.
    "We are not worthy" should be the tagline for this pitiful show.

  11. The Star wants the Tomahawk Chop replaced with something more politically and progressively correct, like sucking a dick.

  12. Even Mahoney has lost his edge and gone soft. He used to chase politicians into elevators at city hall.


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