Kansas City Northland School Threat Arrest

Personal drama and a preventative arrest reported in this tense situation and potentially dangerous situation across the bridge. Read more:

Northland dad charged for making threat against local school where his son attended

GLADSTONE, Mo. -- A Northland dad is now facing charges for allegedly threatening a local school that his son attended. Brandon Naghshineh has been charged with first-degree making a terroristic threat in Clay County after making threats toward Oakhill Day School on Nov. 13.


  1. Iranian. More "benefits of diversity and inclusion".

  2. Oakhill is a VERY pricey school. Only the cream of the crop (rich folks) can afford to send their little darlings there. Very surprised to hear they had any trouble with the parental units.

    1. He was born and raised here, he's no more Iranian than whitey mcwhiteface

  3. Some teacher there probably ruined his kid's life by giving him a "B" grade on something, and this guy couldn't afford the extra cost the School requires for getting it raised to a normal (for this place) "A"!

    Just another typical concerned "Oakie" Parent having a shit fit.
    Sign your kids up today, you too can pay big bucks for mediocrity!


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