Saturday, November 02, 2019



She noted this in the early morning via social media:

Update: girls have been found!!! Thank you all so much. It was your sharing of the posts that lead a Waffle House Employee recognizing the girls and calling the police. They are safe. I cannot say thank you enough!!

This report hit social media a bit earlier in the day but we thought it would quickly resolve itself. Turns out the situation continues and looks serious.

Here's the note KCTV5 meteorologist Katie first shared around the noon hour.

"Missing child. Please help. Last seen near Walmart off Barry Rd this morning."

New information: Anyone recognize this truck from the Walmart off Barry Rd near boardwalk shops?

I need everyone to share this.

An update later in the day:

The latest note just moments ago:

Update: Our daughter and her friend are still missing. We are meeting at Tiffany Fellowship at 8 AM Sunday morning to hand out fliers. We desperately need your help. Can you meet us there, take a handful of fliers an help get them hung all over town?
8 AM Sunday
Tiffany Fellowship
7315 NW Barry Rd
west entrance near fire station.

Leaving the comments open so people might leave anonymous info that would HELP authorities. Please don't be creeps about it.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Sad situation. Pray for the family.

Anonymous said...

Lets pray that it not serious. Just a couple girls hanging out with friends. Its rare that 2 people are ever abducted at the same time. So maybe they are just partying?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tony, stay classy, get some pageviews out of someone's potential tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Katie Horner is asking every one to share it. Grow up, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear. These kids ran away. No one kidnapped them. They will turn up before morning.

Anonymous said...

Concern Police checking in at 9:35 and :40.

Letting Tony know what he can and can't be concerned about.

You're doing important work over there chief.

Anonymous said...

How old is she ?

chuck said...

Hope everything turns out ok.

Kids do stupid stuff when they are 16.

Anonymous said...

So her mother works hard for a living, surviving jobs, moving to St. Louis and back to Kansas City - all for her family. And this kid can't appreciate that? I am sure the kid does, and knows how hard her Mom works for her life. This is a bad situation, but I'm hoping it's not because of some spoiled teenager.

Anonymous said...

^^^ True. Hope she turns up before morning and this was just a miscommunication of some sort. Prayers for the family!

Jack007 said...

Thank God for the good news! And the Waffle House employee who saw the reports and recognized these kids. Now let's get these kids some help before they do something REALLY stupid!

Zoot-suited Eastside Reverend said...

If thems childs was black no one wouldn't have given no damns for weeks.

Anonymous said...

Blog Trolls always know every detail to a situation, especially ass wipes that don't notice the " SHARE" part. Maybe you can Share with your mom and xbox control.

Anonymous said...

Probably more like ever.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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